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... People have talked about a connection of height and acne, but what about weight and acne? ... (8 replies)
... ars. and the thing about large people is and why do some have clear skin, is because there liver and kidneys and colon are still functioning properly, they just gain weight, no offense, but yeah they could still push out the excess waste and gain weight. ... (27 replies)
... GYLCEMIC cHART levels fit HUGELY in this theory, eat only on the low end of the glycemic chart , 10-40 Anything that is above, you will need to workout Any pasta, any sweet fruits, any thing above 40 glycemic scale will require you to bust *** :D or it'll convert the carbs to fat / oil on your face. (114 replies)

... I am a person who cannot gain weight no matter how much I eat. I am hungry a few hours after pretty much any meal. ... (114 replies)
... because I had heard how that would make you gain wieght. ... (21 replies)
... I've been working out in the gym to gain muscle. ... (9 replies)
... o female. my acne came back with a vengeance about a year and a half after two courses of accutane. ... (49 replies)
... Can someone give me a full detailed list of a diet that they follow that has shown to help out there acne situation. I mean exactly what you eat for every meal through out the day. ... (5 replies)
... lol i was thinkin the exact same question today that is unreal. I also class myself as underwight i have struggled most my teen life to gain weight which is very hard to do. ... (93 replies)
... and i've always been an extremely picky eater. so no matter how much fruit, nuts, and vegetables i eat, i always feel unsatiated. ... (21 replies)
... I have cystic acne and i have PCOS and so i have to use birth control pills to make my 2 week cycle periods normal! I do not want to gain weight!! ... (0 replies)
... hi i have been taking estro step for 6 months for my acne i had the same problem but its wasnt only on my face it was also on my shoulders back and chest. ... (7 replies)
... and then when i was 14 i started taking bcp's and it totally knocked the acne out! ... (19 replies)
Adult Acne
Jun 5, 2004
... Unfortunately, there is no sure fire "cure" for acne. ... (6 replies)
... ear. I tried every face cleanser on the market, but nothing would work long term for me. I'd usually be given a creme, and then it would help a bit, but since my acne wasn't even bad, I wouldn't go back to the doc. ... (7 replies)
... For a moment forget everything doctors have told you about why acne forms. They say foods don't cause it and it's all hormonal blah blah blah. ... (4 replies)
... This was is really really annoying me. I used to have moderate acne when i was younger,but now im in my mid 20s and that stopped. I still get the couple pimples here and there but no big deal. ... (5 replies)
... u to push their products onto your patients, it's pretty hard to resist. The amount of money that can be made is ridiculous. And as for acne, everyone knows that acne is the product of the western diet. Go to the other parts of the world where people don't get acne and ask why that is. ... (100 replies)
... Thats a very cynical way to look at it :eek: (100 replies)
... are not a dermatologist's patients. We are the derm's consumers. They make money by seeing patients and prescribing medications. If derm's were to tell their acne patients to avoid all the foods that we discuss here on this forum, they would lose potential consumers. ... (100 replies)

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