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... I've read many times in my herb books to rub a clove of fresh garlic on your acne. I remember doing this a long time ago, except I used minced garlic in a jar. I can't remember it helping alot. ... (9 replies)
... Hey Yogi, I went out of town for the holidays and wasn't using the garlic and broke out really bad. ... (9 replies)
... are you still having success with the garlic regime? ... (9 replies)

... Do you find the garlic makes your skin oily? ... (9 replies)
... licylic acid, and all that stuff really doesn't make my zits go away any faster than they would heal normally...I think it just irritates and dries my skin. The garlic makes them go away SO fast. ... (9 replies)
... Thanks for all your information! I started rubbing garlic on my face on Sunday - I just started Differin a few weeks ago so I didn't want to do too much at once - but I think I can already see a difference. I hope this is the answer! Please keep us updated on your progress!! (9 replies)
... No, it doesn't make my skin oily at all. The fresh garlic is wet, but its a water consistensy, not an oil. It dries right up, and aside from the smell you can't tell it's on your skin. ... (9 replies)
... So, i'm on day number 5 of using the garlic. I use it every morning. I have only a couple small pimples and everything else is just fading away. It seems it not only is getting rid of zits with lightning speed, but maybe also helping to prevent them?? Maybe because of the antibiotic properties? Hmmm....whatever it is, i'm liking it. :) :) (9 replies)
... I read on one of these posts to eat fresh garlic. That if you eat fresh garlic it would clear up your face. The person said that if you have cysts it reduces the size of them and it also reduces the redness of red marks. ... (30 replies)
... reducers and such, just mild supplements such as garlic and vitamin E. But I will be the first to tell you that I do not know a whole lot about this topic. ... (0 replies)
... I've read that garlic acts like an antibiotic due to allatoin(sp?). (4 replies)
... I just started a regimin of garlic about 2 months ago...1500 mg. ... (4 replies)
... s. MIlk thistle flushes your liver, so i take it every few months for a week so my liver doesn't overload, vit E and b12 and I take biotin for hair thinning, eat garlic for bp.. and drink plenty of h20.... Its obviously not that difficult. You should read up on it since you're on the internet anyways. I've never been better!! ... (20 replies)
... Thanks for this info Shananana i am going to give it a try.:) (9 replies)
... I am still doing this every day and my face is looking great! Almost all my pimples are gone! I only have a couple and they are only small ones! I can't believe how good this is working for me, I really hope people will try this because it's really awesome to find an all natural treatment to work for you. I'm also putting apple cider vinegar on my face at night, and lemon... (9 replies)
... Arrange the rocket over the plates, sprinkle the pinenuts on top. Mix together the olive oil, juice and rind of the lemon and garlic and pour over. Serves 2 people. ... (19 replies)
Jul 20, 2003
... mes with garlic, and have noticed the smell stays on my hands, subtlely, for days! And I can notice it on my breath. I would much prefer to get the benefits of garlic through liquid capsules specified to be "odorless". ... (14 replies)
... ok, so we have all been told what we CAN'T eat but I haven't read much about what we CAN eat. So I thought maybe it would be a good idea to share recipes? ... (0 replies)
... Not sure if that was one of my posts you read a few days ago i posted about raw garlic under jenfen's post, but it definitely works. ... (30 replies)
... candida diet and read the yeast connection book. Do you have any metal fillings in your mouth? ... (6 replies)

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