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... a very low dose of OT. She also wants me to take 100MG of Minocyline for seven days once a month the week before my cycle. I get one or two cysts a month and there rear their heads right when I start my cycle, so she is thinking the will help, but she reiterated to only take it for 7 days and then stop. ... (4 replies)
... anyway, if i do have a cyst, is it possible to get rid of it by picking at it or do you just have to wait for it to go down? ... (22 replies)
... m also using the benzaclyn topical in the morning and take mino twice a day 50 mg each time for the past 12 days. Surprizingly, my face is already clearing up. ... (12 replies)

... can anyone tell me what im doing wrong or what i can change about my eating habbits to get rid of my acne? ... (8 replies)
... I have used it for a short while...... What type of ACNE do you have. It toally depends on that with ALL ACNE Products..... ... (10 replies)
... herpanacine really for me during the 6 months i was on it, in fact it only take around 3 weeks to get rid of the cysts on my face, you will see results soon after you take it and there no chance for your acne to get worst before it gets better. ... (15 replies)
... some1 read my previous posts and help me out....i got like scabs on my face from 2 do i get rid of them....and if i am breaking out so badly takin 2X100mg mino should i do it 3 times a day? ... (0 replies)
... I have little white bumps on the side of my cheeks. They are cysts, but they are not inflamed or an actual pimple. But i do think that each white bump is a pimple waiting to happen. ... (3 replies)
... and then put MOM on top of that and let it sit overnight. The persagel doesn't sink into the skin like other BP. My skin doesn't like propolyne glycol. ... (1 replies)
Oct 8, 2001
... it has to be cold compressed. You'll only find this kind of flax seed oil in the fridge dept. in health food stores. It comes in a black container and the pills are black. ... (10 replies)
Accutane Questions
Feb 25, 2001
... Im a male teenager and I was wondering a couple things about Accutane before I start taking it. Will Accutane get rid of chest and back acne as well as facial? ... (1 replies)
... e in another thread that I was on it 3 times as well. The first time my weight wasn't even taken into consideration. I cleared up but it came back within a month of going off. ... (5 replies)
... The article by Geoffrey Redmond, MD in the link I posted above says that Yasmin contains a medicine that is the equivalent of only 25mg of Spiro. And the more spiro you take, the more DHTs it will block. Some people take up to 300 mgs. ... (63 replies)
... Ok cool, so your basically using mild face washes etc ... while on accutane right? ... (8 replies)
... Hey guys, most of my acne is cystic and I am tired of getting them all the time. They hurt a lot and take forever to go away, and once one is finally gone, another one always seems to appear. ... (14 replies)
... and that costs alot of money, i have also undergone some micordermabration with home to get rid of the big holes from previous cysts, but the whole thing just made my wallet much smaller and nothing else.... ... (8 replies)
... previous posts on the healthboards said it was working fine! but my skin got worse, just like it did with everything else. what iw ould like to know is how all of you get rid of the small bumps on your face that look like they're hives. ... (1 replies)
Feeling Sad...
Mar 7, 2003
... And what about the people with a face full of cysts? ... (12 replies)
... peel or a good make up job. She had very severe cystic acne all over her face, she never wore make up or if she did it didnt cover much because she had the kind of acne that make up just cannot hide, very large cysts, as bad as some pictures you see on those acne sites. ... (12 replies)
... as previoulsy stated you have a long way to go!!! I remember my face exploding into at leat 30 very big cysts in the first month of accutane. It wasn't very plesant. ... (4 replies)

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