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... I just have a question about the BCP. I never really had a problem with acne until I got off of the pills, and had a tubal. I am 34 and am debating about getting back on the pill. ... (12 replies)
... since the end of Jan. and my pores have NOT reduced in size one bit. It's decreased the oilness and reduced the cysts... but smaller pores? ... (11 replies)
... My goal has been to cut down and eventually get rid of the accutane for good. You can imagine my concern after all of this time of taking it. My derm doesn't seem concerned at all, as I have been LUCKY enough to have never had any problems with it. But cutting down has always been my idea. ... (17 replies)

... moderate. I'd have 3 to 4 cysts at any1 time usually on my chin at the sides of my nose or down the sides of my face. I also had a few smaller spots that kept reappearing on my right cheek. ... (2 replies)
... old male. My acne started in 7th grade, and I started to get cysts and pustules right off the bat. Not a lot, but nevertheless. Around 3 or so years ago, I started masturbating. ... (41 replies)
How to Feel Better
Feb 15, 2002
... use facial blotter when the skin get a bit oily, the blotter are good, it helps to keep those small pimples off your face. ... (25 replies)
... I know there's a lot of debate about diet not being linked to acne. That's fine, but you are what you eat, so I choose to eat well, which means plenty of veggies of all different kinds, whole grains, and as much locally produced, organic food that I can find. I'm primarily vegetarian, but that's just my choice. ... (2 replies)
... Five years ago I went for broke and started using a cleanser bar from Lush called Fresh Farmacy. It's packed with all sorts of yummy stuff like calamine, chamomile and elderflower. As soon as I started using it, I noticed a huge difference. ... (3 replies)
... cheese gave me bad cysts. So i found hydrogenated oils to hurt my face, now hydro oils are in every tv dinner, even the healthy ones. So i stay away, i ate a lot of wendy's back in the day to help me lose weight. ... (45 replies)
... I just passed on my 6th or 7th day of b5 and I'm at 10g... ... (2 replies)
My Acne
Nov 10, 2011
... it never let me be! When the blemishes first began appearing on my face, I naively bought bottle after bottle of cleansers, toners and exfoliators in the hope of seeing dramatic results. ... (7 replies)
... illness, irritant from products....Y0u are in control of where it goes..from mild, bad to worse..... ... (34 replies)
... and I'm scared that after I get off of it, I'll have a worse breakout. I have been on Amoxicillin for about a month. My cysts have virtually stopped and my face is pretty much clear...of acne anyway. I still have white heads that are dried up and I have terrible hyperpigmentation all over my cheeks and temples. ... (8 replies)
... My acne is definatly not as severe as before the accutane. I used to break out ALL over my face with large cystic acne and my chest and back was covered. ... (17 replies)
... I have had cysts all my life. ... (10 replies)
Nov 10, 2004
... I am afraid of what to expect for the initial breakout, because my dad said he broke out like mad. ... (7 replies)
Cyst reducer
Aug 22, 2004
... Hey all! I thought i'd drop a tip on getting rid of a cyst quicker. I don't normally get cystic acne but I overdried my face last week and it caused me to break out. ... (2 replies)
Jan 23, 2004
... First off the lever... I was thinking that my skin might not be used to it, but a lot of other cleansers that I tried didn't work AT ALL from day one... so we'll see with this one. ... (7 replies)
Plexion Cleanser
Jun 12, 2003
... I was thrilled to get the samples! ... (17 replies)
Azelex Acid
Jun 9, 2003
... A or any other product that turns skin over. It kills bacteria on the face and in the pores. I noticed when I used it, it did take some spots and brought them to a pimple to dry up and that was the end of them. ... (8 replies)

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