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... I had this huge zit about a week ago, and i popped it, that was huge mistake, because for the past few days ive had a huge skin coloured scab covering it, and its horrible to look at, whenever i move my face it splits open , so i definately need advice on how to get rid of it.... ... (2 replies)
... and you'll have fresh healed skin underneath. The trick is to keep the scab moist, and Neosporin also has healing agents. You'll probably have a dark mark leftover but I recommend the Aspirin mask for this. Good luck! ... (2 replies)
... I'd suggest going to a dermatologist. They can prescribe something exactly right for it. I know what you are going through! I always get those pimples that hurt so bad, you cannot help but to pick at them. Usually some heat will speed the process of heating. ... (2 replies)

... Does this happen to anyone else? you see a whitehead that is ready to burst--its already up to the surface so,,,of course you get rid of it by gently squeezing it (tissue and all)and it looks better. THe next day, the area where you squeezed has now spread and it looks like a flat red scar that is much larger an area than the pimple itself was. It dries up in approx. 3 days &... (1 replies)
... u also have a good chance of getting a scar. If it's out and when you feel it all the pain feels on the actual zit and not under the skik then pop it and it will get rid of the white stuff and only a little scab will be there and only for about a day and it will all start fadeing. ... (5 replies)
... My forehead had almost returned to normal after a few days off the product. About a week later though I got a small spot and another the next day. I started to get worried again. But no it was ok just the two small ones appeared. But when they went away they left small brown marks behind. And this is my problem. ... (1 replies)
... ts on it and nothing seemed to work and about a week ago, I did the unthinkable and I popped it, only it still didin't seem to be getting anybetter and it left a scab so today I peeled the scab off and it took a big chunk, of the top of the pimple off and started bleeding. I need this off by next week, what should I do? ... (5 replies)
... I've been unable to figure out, or get a good diagnosis on what exactly this spot is on the end of my nose. ... (7 replies)
... or so of them on my nose.....especially 3 on the front of my nose.. i feel really bad about these and i feel like everybody looks at your nose...and i want to get rid of them so derm said that what i have are blocked pores full of oil... he said that CAUTERIZING them are the way to go..... ... (10 replies)
... Once that happened I decided I'm done with acne. I'm 20 years old and I'm going to get rid of this. ... (3 replies)
... d it for about a week now and I didnt pop it. There was some dry skin peeling off so i just peeled it off and some clear liquid came out. Now its dried up, not a scab but maybe dry skin? ... (1 replies)
... and that use to clear the scab up quickly. ... (2 replies)
Damaged Skin
Jan 21, 2004
... by accident and it left behind a redish mark,i can cope with the fact that i will have to put up with a small scar for a while but is there anything out there to get rid of the redness quickly,as this left over mark looks just as bad as the cut did. ... (0 replies)
... I will get the huge cysts everynow and then. They are very painful. For some reason I will only get them on certain portions of my face. Upper portion of my forehead, chin, nose, cheek right ears. I have been getting them since I was 15. ... (11 replies)
... how do i get rid of those? ... (1 replies)
... Jamie, Wow it seems like you are really determined to get rid of those scars. I have to praise you on it because you are getting those strong TCA peels. ... (19 replies)
May 31, 2005
... So when you finally get rid of a pesky spot, it always leaves a HUGE scab....whats the fastest and most effective way to get rid of these without scarring? ... (6 replies)
Mar 16, 2005
... I have had pretty bad cysts for about 3 months now. I jsts used to pick at them and let them scab over and such. Well i had a horrible one on my nose that lasted about a month so i told my parents to brign me to the dermitologist. ... (2 replies)
... e recently been gettin about one giant whitehead every few days.. which before B5 I never got. I read on this board that people were puting neosporin on them to get rid of them. ... (2 replies)
... as the worst thing I've ever done, though. I left a bruise, which somehow eventually developed into a scab, which eventually developed into a scar. I'm trying to get rid of the scar but I'm pretty sure my efforts are in vain. Since it's not a pimple, pimple creams would be useless for your problem. ... (1 replies)

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