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Miracle Whip
Sep 4, 2001
... hi janni...i'm really curious about miracle whip just sounds like extreme exfoliation in a short period of time, which is not a good idea...ahas and bhas have been said to remove too much of skin's top layer..which leads to uv sensitivity... ... (15 replies)
... difficile after she finished off a round of antibiotics for a simple urinary tract infection. ... (4 replies)
Jan 21, 2006
... o. I never had acne when I was in my teens....and yes, I was always either outside or in a tanbed. I quit tanning once I got in college and am SO thankful I did!!! ... (4 replies)

... it was very effective against the comedone but after stopping and returning back a few months later, the results wasn't as encouraging. ... (43 replies)
... I've had my fair share of acne all throughout middle school and most of high school. I'm 17, currently a senior. I used to think my acne was horrible, disgusting, everything. ... (3 replies)
... ost immediately for me, though that is not always the case for some people. My face was clear for the most part, the only thing was that it did not stop me from getting the same 2 cysts I get every month before my period. It was still a definite improvement from how I was before. ... (6 replies)
... Im 17 years old, i started Accutane about a year and a half ago. My acne was out of control all over my face, my neck, my back, my chest and my shoulders. ... (9 replies)
... subside, i feel the 3 treatments are going to work for my cystic acne. my doctor told me yesterday that she has had alot of success with people with my type of acne and that after 3 treatments, maintenance might need to happen. ... (19 replies)
... i would like to ask what you use for clearing scars ? where can u buy clear pore in singapore ? (15 replies)
... a and BP with tetracycline throughout high school to keep my acne under control which it did pretty well but at the same time my face was soo red that it created a whole other set of problems. By the way I am a male. ... (9 replies)
... ll! After six months gynocolgists don't really like it as your uterus can start to get heavy, but there's really no medical cause for concern if you don't have a period every month.. ... (2 replies)
... t having to wash my hair more than once per week, and having a skin as smoth as a baby while on roacutan, I was washing my hair every day just a couple of months after I stopped roaccutane and my back, chest and face were super oily and full of white heads and little bumps like sand paper. ... (3 replies)
Jul 5, 2005
... I literally had "porcelain" skin. Didn't even break out during that time of the month! After a year, I started getting small pimples every once in a while, but I could still walk around without any makeup on and look perfectly fine. ... (5 replies)
... best to go to a derm...most probably wont prescribe it for mild acne for a guy.some wont prescribe it period because they would be open to a lawsuit if you did get sterile and you only had mild acne to begin derm is in harrisburg,pa. ... (5 replies)
... It's really not so bad." I knew that. So she prescribed me Azelex, Cleocin, and Mino. I thought this would clear me up for good. To my surprise, within DAYS after I used these products, my skin COMPLETELY broke out like crazy!!! ... (16 replies)
... Alright, well let me just lay it all out for you. Few years ago, I went back to the derms office after about a year of treatment, diffrent creams, pills etc. Nothing gave me any relief, I asked what was left. He said accutane. ... (216 replies)
... for those of you who are not familiar with my story and my regimen, i've basically been controlling my acne with 1. ... (2 replies)
Acne changes you
Aug 18, 2003
... acne I had started improving immediately. It took about one year to completely clear, but it did, completely. I have heard of girls your age getting on birth control normally, take it three weeks and go off for a week, and that helping them. I was 28 years old when I started the hormones. ... (34 replies)
Jun 23, 2003
... Low white count, but not TOO low. However, sometimes when I'm feeling the worst, the blood works shows no flaring at all, and sometimes its the opposite. My acne started developing at the same time I was becoming ill. ... (6 replies)
Want to help
Feb 21, 2003
... I have had a moderate case of ACNE for 15 years. I am 28 years old and on my 4th month of ACCUTANE. I have not had one pimple for 2 months now. ... (1 replies)

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