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... Has anyone here experienced immunity to Minocycline after taking it for awhile? ... (17 replies)
... of creams, none of which worked except one by clearsil, it's not in production any more though. I had red marks but a lot of them faded away over time, usually after a good summer of tanning. ... (31 replies)
... of creams, none of which worked except one by clearsil, it's not in production any more though. I had red marks but a lot of them faded away over time, usually after a good summer of tanning. ... (31 replies)

Diane 35 users...
Aug 30, 2004
... they're getting worse, harder to pop. ... (2 replies)
... I'm not an expert. I can't think of why you couldn't try spiro after a partial hysterectomy. It doesn't stop your body from producing testosterone, it just binds to testosterone so your body can't use it. ... (10 replies)
... I Have tried many things and some works to some extent, and some not at all... Differin- made my face to shiney ( did not stay on it long enough to see if it worked) Clyndiminicin Phosphate- Dried out my skin and made things worse at times Doxycyclin- worked slighty for very mild acne Ery-Tab- Worked for a few weeks,,, but then quit,,, works great for some people,,... (6 replies)
... and I still get one zit a day, sometimes two. I was getting really angry at this so I looked at Slick's post about Cetaphil and am currently trying that. ... (2 replies)
... I am much happier today.. I think the main break out on my forehead was because I just started my period. And also, I've been getting closer to the guy I like, and he's really sweet.. despite any acne I may have on my face. ... (21 replies)
... Accutane was hard for me. I remember my acne getting much worse before It got better. I got very, very dry, and literally would have patches of nasty, dry, bumpy skin, that I could just peel away after a shower. ... (61 replies)
... and took vitamins and it virtually went away after suffering for 2 years with it. So i freaked out and looked what rejuvinated skin cells. So vitamin B complex and flax and olive oils. gobs. im serious. ... (6 replies)
... Provera may make your acne worse. And yes, your period can be really problematic after getting off the pill. My period didn't come for two months and then for another two months it was really delayed between cycles. ... (28 replies)
... Last week I had my period, so my skin looked a bit blotchy and I was breaking out very subtely, nothing major. My skin is normally very oily with a few acne spotting here and there, but usually small or just red bumps. ... (7 replies)
... d the proactiv will just add on to the dryness and the bp from it will burn your skin. Don't overdo it. Let Accutane do it's job. Don't think that if you use two acne combatants that it's going to help you clear up faster because it won't, especially not with accutane. Your skin sounds a lot how mine used to be. ... (3 replies)
... e story of when how bad my story was like all of us and get to the more important stuff. i told him that around the early 80's i went to a doctor about my cystic acne scarring and had collagen implants to which i was not very happy. ... (5 replies)
... cover them up with makeup. I was on bc pills for 14 years straight, having switched pills 3 times due to side effects then one month out of nowhere I just start getting deep painful cystic acne on my chin, jawline and cheeks. It happened about a week before my period so I just chalked it up to that. ... (0 replies)
... hey guys,I am new here,also as all of you an adult acne suffer,I was wondering if anyone knows about taking saw palmento oraly for a long period of time,will cause a problem getting pregnant? ... (8 replies)
... taking it so I never experianced that. It is also a blood pressure pill so if you have normal Blood pressure you want to keep an eye on it to make sure your not getting too low. Its up to you really of all the drugs for acne it's the one with the least side effects in my opinion. ... (6 replies)
... During my 2 pregnancies my face was as clear as could be and I didn't start breaking out again until my period started, which was about 6 months after giving birth...both times. ... (2 replies)
... xgh.Yes I have used herpanizine and liked it a lot. It helped without ever giving me any purging. I started getting allergy shots and decided to cut out all herbal suppliments so I stopped using it. But I still take antioxidants. ... (4 replies)
Who's over 20?
May 31, 2005
... I'm almost 38. Started at age 12 mild. turned moderate at age 15 and went back to mild after first time on antibiotics. Was pretty much mild except for a bad period in college. ... (21 replies)

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