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... Do not take accutane and antibiotics together. They can cause swelling in your brain. Not a wise decision, I can't believe your derm let you do this. ... (12 replies)
... glycolic lotion massage them in really well then rinse.Last use a bp lotion.This may sound funny, make sure the bp lotion has been in the fridge..Take an ice cube run it across the affected area,get it good and cold..Take the ice cube and rub it in the palm of your hand. ... (17 replies)
... neck is gone! also, alot of my scars have smoothed out! yes, it dries my face out, but everything does... ... (8 replies)

... the time ones going away another pops out.Since being on the differin i have more cystic pimples.Where i used to get 1 or 2 every couple months ,i now have 5,the swelling has gone down on all 5 and now they all have scabs on them.I did have other ones awhile back but they healed rather nicely except for the red spots. ... (60 replies)
... I have been on accutane for 1 month now. My derm started me off with 2x 30 mg pills per day, which made my cystic acne so bad in the 1st 5 days that i just couldnt take it. I called them and told them what was happening and they said to cut back to 1 per day. ... (0 replies)
... Hey guys, just wanted to give an update. . .I went in for my 2nd treatment today. It actually wasn't quite as painful as last time, for whatever reason, last time it hurt pretty bad, this time I hardly felt it. ... (152 replies)
Accutane Journal
Jul 19, 2004
... didn't have an initial breakout but I didn't see a real big change until about the beginning of the second month. During the first month is when the blackheads in my nose and cheek areas started coming out and my face was so disgustingly oily, much worse than usual. ... (672 replies)
... otally agree with you. I feel really badly for anyone who has bad acne. I feel like i've been pushing my family away because I can't bear them seeing how ugly my face is and have them make comments that are going to make me even more sad. Yes, i've been to a dermatologist and an acne clinic. ... (12 replies)
... I'm getting married on Tuesday night...Two days from now. ... (1 replies)
Sep 17, 2002
... a website before but I've been suffering with mild acne since I was 16yrs old. I never had spots all through high school but as soon as I turned 16yrs I started getting moderate acne. ... (0 replies)
... f it after injecting about 10 of my scars. It is not as easy as I would have thought it would be. I would not recommend other people do this on their own without getting it done professionally first, but I am very stubborn. ... (152 replies)
... undercover it cost me 1350 dollars for a thermage.they gave me sedatives and numbed up my face then they grid ur face off in little squares and then they zap each square and then use a cooling hurts like real bad.but when its over i felt fine.the gun looks like a toy gun. ... (4 replies)
... I also have developed in the last 6 months two red bumps that don't go away. Are these pimples or scars? ... (0 replies)
Cystic acne
Apr 11, 2014
... I'm 57 and still getting acne, I don't get them as much anymore, but boy when I do, they hurt.Ive been on retin a micro for bout 4 yrs. ... (1 replies)
... so you still break out after the accutane? is it as bad as it used to be? So is the cool touch still keeping it at bay if you are? (27 replies)
... So far I have gotten 2 of them done. Yesterday was number 2 and they up'd the kilo joules on the intensity. It hurt. Hahaha. Man did it hurt. My face is still swollen but the pain has subsided. After the first treatment my skin was looking really good. ... (27 replies)
... It worked wonders after the first treatment, but after the 2nd time, the swelling went down in my cheeks and the scars were apparent again. Moreover, I began breaking out really bad after my 3rd treatment and now I'm on accutane. ... (3 replies)
... Add one more happy Carley's user here... I'm 33 now and have had acne since I was about 13. I am only now getting clear skin after so many years of struggling. Carley's is only one part of my regimen, but I like it very much and consider it to be an important part. ... (35 replies)
... CONGRATS!!!! you will NOT! regret it!!!! It sounds as if your acne was not half as bad as mine to start off with. My whole face was covered in cystic acne, my whole jaw line was swollen out at least an inch all the way around, i couldnt even turn my head. The first 2 months were horrible. ... (53 replies)
... Seriously, when you say "slathered," how often were you putting it on your face each day? ... (34 replies)

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