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... hheehehe....but I decided to go to a chinese herb market after stopping by at a chinese mall and they told me to try ginseng and mix it with a little bit of jincosumio or sumthing.I boil them together and drink it as a tea..I'll get the exact name if you want. ... (5 replies)
... that sells this tea, so I think you can order it on line if you want. I was really skeptical about it because it seems like it's too good to be true, but now my acne sucks so bad that I would like to try it, no matter how bad it might taste. Well, do you hear alot of good things about it? ... (3 replies)
... I just thought i would share with you a list that i have found..demonstrating what can cause an inbalance in the th1:th2 ratio..remember the theory here is that DTH is promoted by TH2 over dominance, so one should try to rebalance by 'restore balance in underactive TH1' DO the things in the first list and AVOID the things in the second.. LIST ONE There are many natural... (187 replies)

... I know a person who cured her acne in 3 weeks with this tea!! ... (3 replies)
... Has Acnease really helped anyone with hormonal acne on here? ... (15 replies)
... Green Tea can help acne but there are other teas that can benefit your acne too. ... (7 replies)
Atkins and acne
Mar 30, 2001
... Atkins is high protein, less processed carbs, sugars like pasta, bread, cakes, ice cream. You can have those- only a few times a week. Also lots of vegetables- few servings everyday. I'm graduating in May and I went to my derm. He wants me to start in the following - April 1st. Go to the Health Food Store and get 3 supplements- Ginseng (fights off cysts and skin... (4 replies)
... Thanks, I'm glad you appreciated my post. For those with Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, PCOS, Hypoglycemia, etc or those that have found success on Low Carb/low lectin diets, these supplements will also help regulate your blood sugar and insulin levels (key to being acne free for some of us). These are the supplements that I've heard (good things) about: D-Chiro Inositol... (23 replies)
... I dunno but it's just me but I still belive CHRONIC acne is a skin disorder caused by the mind as the root cause. Chronic stress on the hypothalamus in the brain which in turn causes a hormonal imbalance... ... (32 replies)
Acne Survey
Nov 19, 2001
... How many "active" acne do I have? ... (22 replies)
... The herbs I am taking are internal and come in teapill form I take 12 a day, I also take eleuthero ginseng twice a day. ... (4 replies)
... hi tammy, you can find cetaphil cleanser at most drugstores. i've also joined the bandwagon: as of today I started taking B5. also, i've recently begun to take ginseng, vit A, a multi-vitamin (and calcium--for my bones not acne) i believe what you eat DOES have an impact on your skin. and i've cut out most refined foods and sugar. i'm being especially careful of what... (11 replies)
... have you tried grape seed, ginger and ginseng? (2 replies)
... Has anyone ever tried this pill? I went to vitamin outlet today and they said alot of people ave gotten this for acne. Also I got some cod liver oil flavored with lemon, and I got some inositol and I hope they work. (1 replies)
... thanks Jensto The aromatherapy facials sound good. Im might try that too. I hope the natural approach works well for you. Let us know how its going from time to time. Hi Jetisin I used a product called "Ultimate Cleanse" by "Natures Secret" that I got from GNC,... (6 replies)
... Babyjac, Having microderm will prevent the cysts. Also, among other things, cysts are caused by excess androgen hormones in females. Go to the health foods store and buy these 3 supplements: Evening Primrose Oil, Kava Kava and Ginseng. Also, drinking 2 glasses of soy milk helps keeps you clear. It has beneficial properties of reducing excess androgen (male) hormones.... (17 replies)
Herbs work
Feb 18, 2004
... However, ginseng is supposed to help only. ... (6 replies)
Herbs work
May 14, 2003
... i'm surprised ginseng is on there. are u sure u got the right source for these? ... (6 replies)
Herbs work
May 14, 2003
... I've read that acne is related to hormone imbalances. ... (6 replies)
Apr 3, 2001
... It took me about 4 weeks to see my acne was diminishing and if I ha cysts, they were tiny ones. ... (4 replies)

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