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... I think that a diet to this extent should clear you, especially if you get cystic acne or you have excess androgens. ... (9 replies)
... Uggh, that's why I decided to follow the Gluten Free diet. ... (28 replies)
... of acne sufferers merely are just SENSITIVE to "regular" amounts of androgen hormones and the rest of us actually do produce too much hormones. Thus why most acne sufferers skin usually calms back down once puberty is over. The same rule also applies when it comes to treating hirsutism. ... (80 replies)

... just to feel "wild". As long as it's refined table sugar and not Corn syrup, I don't get cystic acne, but yes I do still breakout a bit. ... (14 replies)
Sugar Sugar!
Nov 16, 2004
... consume the foods you eat. Sugar isn't really the main enemy here, but this is one example of how it can influence acne production via hormone synthesis by encouraging our pancreas to shunt out more Insulin. ... (125 replies)
Sugar Sugar!
Nov 15, 2004
... Although, considering that other health problems are on the rise, I'm guessing that the number of acne sufferers with actual hormonal imbalances is slowly increasing as well... ... (125 replies)
... Jabbathegut, There's actually a few regimens that males around here have used such as: Rice and/or Oatmeal as their only grains (as bulking carb) Gluten-Free Diet Gluten-Free Diet w/ Fish Oil or R-ALA (27 replies)
... and then worry about the amount of sugar it provides. ... (54 replies)
... Prometheus, in the acne friendly diet, should I incorporate lemon juice? ... (9 replies)
... you can find it. It should be stored in the freezer where you buy it as all bread should, really. Also Spelt doesn't seem to give me a problem, digestive wise or acne wise. I only eat these on occassion, but i think most people can eat these if they are not celiacs. I have even heard of some celiacs being able to eat spelt. ... (30 replies)
... So if you do some research, you will see some reccommendations such as the Gluten Free diet or the Specific Carbohydrate Diets for elimination of Candidaiasis. There's other diets, but they seem much tougher but have yielded results though. ... (39 replies)
... was by Glaceau. They also make Vitamin Water, but they add fructose sugar to this and I found after awhile I had to start watering it down. ... (11 replies)
... Yeah, but according to the studies HFCS doesn't raise insulin levels. But if you look at other studies it says that it's not different than glucose. Personally I feel it's a bad thing, I know it's a bad thing, I believe the studies, and....we actually agree on something....awesome. ;-) Now, sugar itself isn't my major problem (like 4%), it was specific carbohydrate foods... (54 replies)
... LOL, you don't have to be a sugar junkie to have insulin levels mess with your hormones. What type of Low Glycemic diet do you follow? ... (7 replies)
... fruit juice is almost unbearable to me now. I notice that I truly only crave sweets, when I'm hungry. I've read somewhere that if you are craving sugar it is because your body is hungry. Your body knows that Glucose is Fuel, so you will always prefer SWEET over any other flavor. ... (53 replies)
... he foods to eliminate. So it's hard for me to tell people what they should do, especially without knowing their background. Most people on here just want their acne gone, others are aiming for ultimate health and hormonal balance. ... (30 replies)
... than Bread itself is. So that leads one to look into the whole Paleolithic Diet, Blood Type Diet, Acne Prescription etc, where the problem has to do loosely with sugar and insulin, but they focus more so on your body's Inflammatory Response due to being Intolerant to certan foods. ... (17 replies)
... I was also aware that this same event of cystic acne developed the year prior and I blammed it on either Cherry consumption or Whey Isolate powder as it stopped when I stopped consuming both of these. ... (429 replies)
Sugar question
May 4, 2005
... from what i understand about sugar's effect on the body and acne, it's the effect on the androgen hormones that makes it bad, as the androgens are the primary hormones responsible for acne. i got a whole list from my doc of what foods not to eat and what to eat in moderation and man! what a list! i cannot possibly stick to a diet as strict as that. as far as diet goes,... (9 replies)
... I just wanted to say one thing and that is I really wish antibiotics were not prescribed for acne anymore. It just really is not a long term solution at all and has potentially more risks than any kind of reward. ... (16 replies)

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