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... plus i dont eat gluten as i am sensitive to it...the dr thought i have celiac disease but i dont...but i have cut out gluten... ... (14 replies)
... Hi all...I was wondering if anyone out there can give me personal experience on what Rx products they have used to treat their acne, and how well they have worked. My skin is not horrible, but it is very oily, and I break out fairly often. I also have had bouts of cystic acne on my chin-very painful! And ugly! I already look quite young for my age, so I get treated like a... (5 replies)
... Hey wholegrain, I just replied to this under another topic, is anyone too lazy or given up?, I saw you on that one too. I put a lot more detail in that post about how I eat. Also, I'm wondering when you were low carbing, what was your diet like. Did you eat dairy? Do you or did you drink coffee or alot of caffeine? Perricone pointed out in his book that coffee beans have... (16 replies)

... sons. Cordain gets into all that in his book. ALso if you're eating grains like quinoa, barley etc, thinking they're safe, could be problems, high glycemic and gluten can be very bad for acne sufferers. The Paleo diet focuses on lean meats, fruites and veggies. ... (16 replies)
... I am also going to try to cut out all gluten in my diet to see if I see any change in my skin after I do so. ... (24 replies)
... coffee's, or fruit juices. only water and tea and once in a blue moon a beer or glass of red wine. have you ever been tested for a gluten intolerance? ... (6 replies)
... any fortified food. all the vitamins you need are NATURALLY found in whole foods. i think plain old oatmeal is fine, but there is some debate about the amount of gluten in it. some people have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity. ... (8 replies)
Food For Thought
Oct 23, 2005
... Certain foods can break certain people out. The simplest way to experiment with eliminating foods is by adhering to the Elimination Diet for 3-4 weeks. Simply stick to eating fruits, lean meats, and veggies for a few weeks. Then slowly add more foods to the mix until you determine what breaks you out. Also do not eat any tomatoes, potatoes, gluten, or meats you have eaten... (5 replies)
... try not washing your face. it's strange because if i don't scrub my face when i take a shower i get less to no breakouts. if you're allergic to gluten you may want to make sure your soap and shampoo are gluten free. ... (19 replies)
... Hi. Don't lose hope. I'm 20 years old and was feeling just like you just less than a month ago. I had really bad (really BAD) acne and lost all hope. The thread that changed my skin was "ACNE: THe new theory". If you're a thin person, check that thread out. It relates histadelics and acne. My skin literally cleared up in a week and a half, no joke. I was already on the... (21 replies)
Sugar question
May 4, 2005
... I am not looking for diet advice. I don't believe I said anything that implied that I was. I already have QUITE enough diet restictions being hypoglycemic and gluten intolerant. ... (9 replies)
... free or gluten free grains. ... (28 replies)
... Wow, tons of really good questions =) Complex Carbs = Fruits, Vegetables, & 100% Whole Grains (Legumes, Nuts, Seeds = considered more so a protein) Simple Carbs = Refined Foods, anything white/bleached that wasn't naturally so. Anything lacking in fiber that's a carbohydrate. Anything with added Sugar = Sucrose, Corn Syrup, etc. . However, for some members this... (2 replies)
... Gluten is from wheat...anything with wheat will contain gluten. The thing about high protein it that it acidifies your body system. What you want, for dealing with acne or any other health challenge, is an alkaline diet. I drink a large glass of water with a couple tsps. of NATURAL apple cider vinegar (Bragg's is my favorite) a couple times a day - it's an alkinizer. It also... (5 replies)
... OK, you can have acne because you have an allergy, an intolerance, or a chemical sensitivity to something that you are consuming (foods, toxins) or applying to your skin (fabric softener, cleansers, moisturiziers, comedogenic ingredients, microoganisms, etc), otherwise, your acne will be hormonal. Hormones & Diet go hand in hand. You can have a hormonal imbalance and if... (7 replies)
... LOL, that's correct 1 - 2 weeks depending on the infection. However dermatologists and some doctors actually believe that antibiotics topical and oral are good to prescribe to acne sufferers and some do it for the long term! If you use both Topical and Oral antibiotics you increase your chance of developing a regular yeast infection. If you use Oral Antibiotics for an... (6 replies)
... How did you find out that gluten was the culprit? ... (8 replies)
... Jabbathegut, There's actually a few regimens that males around here have used such as: Rice and/or Oatmeal as their only grains (as bulking carb) Gluten-Free Diet Gluten-Free Diet w/ Fish Oil or R-ALA (27 replies)
... Ahh, I would say that you shouldn't listen to what everybody on this board says breaks them out, but only what your body says breaks you out. As such, I don't avoid iodine containing foods as if that was truly a goal, one would eliminate turkey before seafood! Although the seafood itself, particularly shellfish can be allergenic and so it could be problematic for some... (22 replies)
... rs and my skin never cleared. I tried drinking only organic milk for several months and then no milk and my skin never improved. It was only until I eliminated Gluten from my diet that I was able to see a dramatic improvement. After I did that, I was better able to ascertain what other foods affected me too. ... (100 replies)

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