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... rs and my skin never cleared. I tried drinking only organic milk for several months and then no milk and my skin never improved. It was only until I eliminated Gluten from my diet that I was able to see a dramatic improvement. After I did that, I was better able to ascertain what other foods affected me too. ... (100 replies)
... Hey, care to share what your "pretty good' diet is? ;-) As for your question though, I can't say. I have body acne & face acne and that 1% I have usually manifests itself on my face. Since changing my diet, it's rare if I breakout on my body now. I'm tempted to say that perhaps nuts may play a role as when I would breakout out on my new diet, it was usually cystic. ... (54 replies)
... SALADS salads avocado, mango and pine nut salad Ingredients: 1 large avocado 1 large mango, Bag mixed baby salad leaves (e.g. spinach, rocket, water cress etc) Handful fresh coriander leaves (or other herb) (19 replies)

... seeds. I still consume a few Gluten Free grains, but primarily rice and corn. ... (93 replies)
No Sugar, Honey
Jul 15, 2004
... There are no grains allowed in a paleo diet, however I believe the paleo diet is flawed in a very serious way as I found it impossible not to lose weight whilst following it (and that was whilst practically drinking bottles of olive oil, eating packets of nuts and eating tons of meat, all very expensive) More on topic, yes cut out refined sugars, it will almost... (23 replies)
It's Now or Never!
Jun 10, 2004
... Prometheus I just found your old thread, 'Heal Your Acne From The Inside', so now I can respond to your previous post. I couldn't find your original thread before but luckily someone has just posted on it bringing it to the top of the pile. Anyway, one of the main reasons that spured my research into cleansing and more specifically Intestinal/Bowel cleansing using Bentonite... (342 replies)
... Sweetjade, Altho I am glad this low-glycemic diet is working for me, I am just worried that I will never truly know what to eat , what not to eat. It will be hard to find out how much "glucose" I can tolerate - for example, maybe my body will be able to deal with me eating 50 grams of pasta but 55 grams may be too much and will create a surge of insulin etc. YOu know what... (49 replies)
... For example, oats have gluten in them, don't they? ... (68 replies)
It's Now or Never!
May 10, 2004
... nses are a waste of time alone, if you ask me. I don't mean to discourage anyone. For instance, you can't eat dairy in moderation or occassionally here or there. Gluten is different for some, but if you still have acne you should probably not eat any gluten at all. You say you don't eat breads dairy etc.. ... (342 replies)
... always posed some problems for I eat fish generally one to two times a week. I dont eat wheat or gluten either....but you can tell that anyhow from what I eat. ... (342 replies)
... grain vs something with dairy in it i would go with the sugar or refined grain. I would avoid wheat but maybe you can introduce wheat substitutes that still have gluten like spelt, or just find gluten free substitutes. ... (342 replies)
Cereal Issues!!!
Apr 26, 2004
... Actually, fruit is better ;) Can some tolerate oatmeal? Yes...some can. But, there are many who still cannot. I know that for me sometime last year when I thought oatmeal was safe and added it back in, I came out with some nasty spots. But, if you'd like to try oatmeal...atleast go for something other than the instant packaged kind they sell in the grocery stores...and... (21 replies)
... I take Sanatogen Multi Vitamin, but I'll take Chronium also I found some Rice Milk in Sainsbury's today, couldn't believe my eyes, Also found non dairy butter with Soy, rice pasta with no Gluten and Wheat, No Gluten and wheat Porridge it was great If it doesn't help I'll try the other diet, thanks for your help Euro (46 replies)
... What about Chicken and Potatoes? Breat of chicken that is I don't know what to eat no more, What can I eat for breakfast if bread and Cereal are bad for u, this is so hard, I'm stuck on what I can eat nowadays (46 replies)
... what to eat: highly nutritious vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, and raw seeds. Some organic meat, some whole/unprocessed/not enriched/gluten free grains, such as brown rice or quinoa. What not to eat: gluten dairy in anything hydrogenated oils cane sugar cooked, heated, or refined oils luncheon meats and nonorganic meats cooked eggs (46 replies)
... CCynthia As far as earlobe acne goes, I just started to get that after I changed my diet. It's probably because I am more susceptible to breakouts now that I'm off of spiro, so I have to watch what I eat. I dont' have spiro to protect me from the backlash. that time I was on Spiro, so it may have had to do with the protection that I had from Avandia (an... (23 replies)
Does chocolate...
Apr 15, 2004
... or Tropical Source Chocolate Bars. Also there's also two other companies that sells Dairy free and even some Dairy Free Gluten Free Chocolates. ... (19 replies)
... LOL, you REALLY wanna know what bugs me? I just got finished making a list cuz it was starting to add up there, so here ya go ;-) Major Irritants - Gluten - Wheat, Barely, Rye, & Oats - various acne & horrible painful menstrual cramps Diary - even 100% organic, side of face pimples or cysts, Gluten-Free Cereal & Organic Dairy - Tiny cysts in & around my... (23 replies)
... Euro..I would try brazil nuts or almonds in place of the cashews. These are much better for acne sufferers, cashews (as well as peanuts) tend to cause problems sometimes. Take care. (26 replies)
... This diet may not clear everyone up. Porridge has gluten in it, which some people cannot tolerate, and it contains meat, which is not great either. However, there is no bread pasta etc basically unrefined carbs. ... (26 replies)

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