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... This diet may not clear everyone up. Porridge has gluten in it, which some people cannot tolerate, and it contains meat, which is not great either. However, there is no bread pasta etc basically unrefined carbs. ... (26 replies)
... However All were because of coicidental increase in vegetable consumption and total avoidance of gluten and not carbs since reintroduction of fruits and potatoes had no negative impact. ... (8 replies)
... Primal Defense does contain grasses of grains that some of us are avoiding, but they swear it is gluten free. ... (342 replies)

... I dont think getting rid of bread by itself would have helped me much either. Some people are very sensitive to gluten though. I'm not all that sensitive to gluten. ... (12 replies)
Why no cure?
Mar 28, 2004
... Euro, About the MREs some are accommodating to vegetarians, but they aren't very accommadating to Low Carbers or Gluten Free or No Grain diets, even though there are some meals out there that are (my own meals - these are also kosher). In fact, I remember reading about a mother who's son was a Celiac and he would trade his food around so that he was eating enough, while... (89 replies)
... Yes, this is how I was with dairy until I realized that people can gain much relief simply from omitting gluten. Dairy and especially casein was a huge factor in my acne. The thing is, I had to eliminate all of the offenders to completely get rid of my acne, right down to cooked eggs. How do I know a particular food is an offender if I haven't excluded it while consuming other... (17 replies)
... sweetjade1, thanks for your reply. yeah, i do really think if i could cut down the weekly "cheats" even more i'd be better off. the problem is i've always been such a picky eater. i hate all seafood so that elimates an entier population. i've been eating a lot of black beans, lentils, garbazo beans, spinach, mesculn salad, brown rice, vegetable dishes. no matter how much i... (17 replies)
... reads from the store. They are automatically LOWER in carbohydrates and provide more nutrition. So, If nothing else, you must work on avoiding Wheat, if not all gluten entirely. ... (17 replies)
... Where diet is concerned, it is not so much about the key, but the lock. Everyone's lock is different. When you understand the lock, then you can find the right key. luckily, we have a sort of, one size fits all key to open your door to clear skin. It looks like this: Add: Tons of steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, raw seeds, raw nuts. Small amounts of organic meat and... (8 replies)
... Prometheus, in the acne friendly diet, should I incorporate lemon juice? Like persay, drinking two freshly squeezed lemons a day? Does lemon juice help at all?? (9 replies)
... You know what I'm going to start calling it, I eat hay..The steamed vegetable diet, with the addition of fresh fruit. lol. Because that is what you eat the most along with raw nuts, and raw seeds, ...small amounts of organic meat and occasional brown rice. It is a liver healing diet, an optimally nutrious diet, and an intestinal healing diet, nicely wrapped together. ... (9 replies)
... I've never seen or heard of sprouted corn or rice. If gluten is a concern, you shoudl know that sprouted wheat is not gluten-free. As far as cats go, you can get sprouted wheat grass at an organic food store, and they love eating the baby grass. Spider plants are also good for them, although again they like the baby leaves. They can't digest grass, but they do need the... (44 replies)
... lol Dfw. Seamus: Writing a book would invite more trouble than I'm willing to engage. I will provide enough information here. The rest you can research if you have interest. There is a good deal of information out there for the finding. One name that is sure to generate a load of feedback is "Loren Cordain." There is a post buried here somewhere called "heal your acne... (4 replies)
... or gluten are causing me to break out, but i havent quite figured out if it's one or the other or both. ... (2 replies)
... Address this? For 18 months I eliminated red meats, and had very little chicken or turkey when I did eat meat. No pork (such as bacon), no hot dogs. What else do you want me to say about this? Wheat/gluten/bread...I limited this as much as I could. I never really ate wheat products before hand, so that wasn't hard. But bread (sandwiches, pizza, etc) I limited to almost... (111 replies)
... "For 18 months I cut out dairy, meats, sugars, you name it. All the supposed "bad" foods you will see a few people mention on this board I eliminated. I even kept a daily journal to document everything I ate. cut out dairy and meats, no more bread/wheat/gluten, you get the idea. All the same stuff you will read here. I drank a gallon of water or more a day, and never... (111 replies)
... I'm gluten intolerant, but I have to have dairy. If I don't, I get really bad cramps, even if I take calcium supplements. ... (27 replies)
... and I assume gluten, but cleared "rapidly", according to Dr. Walford. So choose for nutrition over avoidance. I wouldn't eat dairy or gluten everyday or as an ingredient in a food eaten regularly. ... (27 replies)
... yea, good luck finding one of these. ;). You'd have better luck searching for "soma." I'm adding in that they need to be refined sugar free also. (12 replies)
... Forcefed, I agree with their concerns as well. To me it seems like your acne was WORSE, because you starved yourself. Not only weren't you eating, but you were losing lots of vital nutrients. I know that people in 3rd world countries seem to do it without acne (so they observe), but I don't know how you accomplished this feat. So what were you eating? ... (111 replies)

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