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Diet Questions
Oct 16, 2001
... My question is, does Whey Protein Powder contain gluten or dirty protein? ... (2 replies)
Diet Questions
Oct 16, 2001
... Whey by definition comes from milk. Most likely there is some form of gluten in that drink, but the best way is to call up the manufacturer if your not sure. ... (2 replies)
... I agree... Accutane is not a cure. I've also been on two courses of Accutane and my acne came back both times (although not quite as severe as before-hand, but almost). I'm now pretty much clear, although I am on minocin, differin, B5, vitamins and trying the Atkin's diet. I also stay away from gluten. It's hard to tell what is working, however I'm clear, so that's really... (8 replies)

... You must read the ingrediants on EVERYTHING you buy... gluten and wheat can be in the less likely things imaginable! ... (21 replies)
... i'm pretty positive that my acne is also because of "food sensitivity". i don't eat dairy products, and don't eat as much meat anymore, but still have bad acne. obviously i still haven't found the thing that does it for, what's gluten? and what kind of healthy eating diet do you recommend bj72, lizzybeth (and anyone else)? how did you change your eating habits to... (21 replies)
Originally posted by Lizzybeth: Anyway, I do think that my face tends to look better when i eat a *totally* strict gluten free, low carb, no-meat, no-dairy diet.. but who can eat like that for a long period of time? Lizzybeth
A vegan like me could! LOL. (21 replies)
... I have been vegetarian for many years, but I recently cut out all dairy, wheat and gluten since I had the food sensitive test and was found I do not tolorate those foods... ... (3 replies)
... yet to recieve my refund. Then again, my case is a little different because i recently discovered that the majority of my acne was caused by food allergies. I am gluten intolerant, and I suspect corn as well, but have not been tested for corn allergy. ... (9 replies)
... Since I suspected having a wheat allergy, I've been looking into alternatives. There are a lot of gluten free foods, either in health food stores or online stores including pasta, bread, cookies, etc. If it cures my 'acne' then I'll manage. ... (8 replies)
... Glad to hear that you've gotten your results back. Yes, I agree, cutting out gluten is particularily difficult, but you'll find yourself being very imaginative with food. ... (8 replies)
... I am gaining hope!! My face seems to be clearing up!!! I don't want to speak too soon, because yesterday I remember looking in the changeroom mirrors while shopping and my face did not look so great. But today, I think I see clearing. I am just so happy and relieved and I wanted to share! I wore some new makeup today (I don't usually wear makeup, but I was seeing an... (5 replies)
... Ahhh..thank you *so* much everyone. I have to say, I am really happy that I've found this board. You guys are great support! I leave in 10 mins to go to the derm. I am going to ask about spiro. and benzaclin. I am 24 years old, and I think that my acne is caused... (8 replies)
... minerals. I am gluten intolerant, so I stay away from that, and I don't eat any dairy foods. ... (8 replies)
... Hi Angelica. I am going through the *EXACT* same thing you are going through. I stopped the pill at the end of March, thinking I would "give my body a rest" and my acne got waaaaaaayyy out of control. I had great skin during the past year and a half or so (also supplemented the pill w/ Minocin). I, too, am irregular and went on the pill to regulate my cycles. My skin was... (7 replies)
... There are more people allergic to Gluten in wheat and never really know it. Another virtual poison is polyunsaturated vegetable oil, which is hard to get away from because it's in everything. ... (23 replies)
... I have decided im gonna buy some flaxseed oil. Im assuming that they are not all the same and some brands are better than others. I normally buy my stuff from vitamworld. They have one type in liquid form. I would be grateful if someone could tell me whether this is the correct type I should take, as dont really want to buy one that isnt any good. I have pasted in the... (18 replies)
... If you are concerned with not getting enough complete protein and B-12 on a vegan diet and are trying to stay away from the hormones found in commercial livestock and poultry, you might consider fish or organically grown grass fed beef and poultry and eggs. Another avenue is an "elimination diet" to determine exactly what it is that you are sensitive to. Most elimination... (9 replies)
... Bella, What is the name of the holistic website you mentioned, which is based out of Canada? I would love to read up more on this. Thanks! Lizzybeth (9 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your problem. I've been vegan for quite some time, almost 3 years, and I have IBS so I must stay away from eating wheat. I don't have anywhere near the amount of restrictions you do, so I can't offer any new advice, but I agree with the person who said to find some good cookbooks. I don't have a lot of money, so what I do is go to the bookstore (barnes... (9 replies)
... And brazil nuts seem to be a very good protein source Hi Tommy jojo, nice to see you ar still around! How are you doing? As you may have noticed, there is a new diet in town (Raw food diet aka Wai's diet). I just started with it myself. (9 replies)

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