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... Hey! i JUST GOT a glycolic 30% peel myself, if you search my name you can read a post where I started a post titled: My friend got clear with COrrective SKincare... Give that a look, as it talks in detail about what my doctor had me use afterwards and as treatements now. I thiink that maybe you should use a mild non medicated face wash and also a medicated scrub. I am... (5 replies)
... stillmatic I copied and pasted the posts from the other forum below. I don't really know that much about glycolic creams but I will just forward this to you. ... (8 replies)
Glycolic Acid 30%
Jun 27, 2006
... I orderd some glycolic cream/moustriser, day cream is 10% and the night cream is 15%....... I hav'nt statrrd using it yet though as I am seeing how my apple cider vinegar skin routine well bear out. using a product with 30% glycolic acid in it seems a bit extreme to me, you meant to use this product every day? I am not an expert or anything but I've been told in here... (9 replies)

... if you do it Friday night, and don't mind just a little pink on Monday. They also have trial packages, and also all the other stuff like lower rated glycolic moisterizers and stuff. The site is loaded with information, and tips to make stuff work right. You can find it using Glycolic acid 30 in your search engine. ... (11 replies)
Glycolic Acid 30%
Jun 27, 2006
... is definitely too high if you have never used Glycolic acid before. ... (9 replies)
... I use Md fort's level 3 glycolic cleanser cuz it has the highest level of glycolic cleanser I have seen (30%). I love it but it is a little expensive (30 dollars for an 8 oz bottle). You can get it at most derm's office (don't need appt or prescription or be a patient; just go up to their office and buysome) or on the md forte website. If you want something cheaper I have... (4 replies)
... solution if you've never used glycolic acid products before! That's too strong! You need to work yourself up to that! ... (9 replies)
Glycolic acid
Sep 6, 2004
... I use 30% glycolic acid occasionally. If your skin can handle it, you can use it everyday, and I think it works all right for red marks, but nothing incredible. The best thing is to go get deeper peels like every couple of weeks and do the glycolic in-between. P.S.- I have very tolerant skin so I got some 30% glycolic from the person who does my chemical peels. You can... (3 replies)
... know at least you are not sensitive to glycolic acid, which is good. ... (2 replies)
... I know that some people get good results using glycolic acid, but there are also MANY people getting damaged skin from it!! I have not done my peeling at home, I'm not that stupid. ... (29 replies)
... like smootheness to my complexion that I had never felt before. The complexion had a satiny sheen to it, too, and the glycolic acid acts to hydrate the skin. ... (4 replies)
... i just talked to the nurse in a plastic surgeon's office today when setting up an apptmnt for a laser resurface consultation, and she mentioned that they also did glycolic peels there, but the max is 30%. she also stated that it is a 30% pure glycolic acid peel and the ones that are being touted as 70% strength is buffered down w/ other stuff so its not as strong as the ones... (23 replies)
... Hi, are you guys doing glycolic peels at your derm's or at a spa? ... (23 replies)
... Hi, are you guys doing glycolic peels at your derm's or at a spa? ... (23 replies)
... aging' boards might know about glycolic acid, but it is also a popular treatment for acne, and that's why I've used it, so here goes. ... (2 replies)
... I'm currently using Aqua Glycolic Facial Cleanser, am I not suppose to be using that at all during the peel process or can I wait like 24 hours after I've done a peel, I don't understand that. ... (2 replies)
30% Glycolic Acid
Aug 24, 2004
... I get series of beta-peel at the dermatologist every 2 weeks to get rid or red marks and light scarring on my cheeks. I was originally putting 10% glycolic acid on my face at night, but since my skin is so tolerable it wasn’t really doing much so I now got 30% glycolic acid. Has anyone else used this percentage at home and left it on at night. If so, could you please just... (1 replies)
Glycolic acid
May 20, 2003
... hey guys... i've been using a 10% glycolic acid cream daily for the last 6 months or so... and i really do like it... however, i'm thinking i'm starting to need something stronger... you know how your face gets used to something...?? cause, my exfoliation has slowed down and my skin doesn't look as even as it did when i first started using it..... any suggestions where... (0 replies)
Glycolic peels
Oct 31, 2002
... I have never used glycolic acid before, especially in strong peel form. ... (3 replies)
... Hi all, I'm really confused about chemical peels. I have heard that 30% Glycolic Acid will promote collagen growth and continued use of it will eventually get rid off shallow scars, marks and winkles. I was wondering if anyone knows wether EVENTUALLY it would produce the same results as a much deeper Phenol peel? Retin A is very slow at... (9 replies)

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