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... ths, it worked well at that time. I am now 25 and my acne is back on the road again. I don't think i can start on a new roaccutane treatment.But now i started on glycolic acid peeling. ... (8 replies)
... I asked my doctor about glycolic acid peels since I figure they were cheaper and Ryan seems to be getting good results from them. ... (26 replies)
... be with your first glycolic peel? ... (23 replies)

... somewhat moderate scars, i've noticed a great deal of improvement. so much so in just two peels that with four others likely all of which are going to be 60 and 70 percent peels, i expect many of these marks to disappear entirely. i see almost more improvement in just two peels than i did in 9 microdermabrasion sessions. ... (9 replies)
... is the way to go. Do you use any at home glycolic products or what other products do you use? ... (18 replies)
... Hi. I had glycolic peels done before at 40%-50%. My skin didn't (noticeably) peel off at all, neither did my face turn red. I think 70% is too harsh for the first treatment, but probably it's more effective than the weaker strengths. Good luck. (18 replies)
... which means that if you are not a very fair skinned Asian, we could be the same general coloring. Bottom line, don't go into the peel with unrealistic expectations. ... (11 replies)
... for 3 minutes. And today it is starting to peel on my whole face. I don't know if its time for peeling? ... (8 replies)
... Is your doctor preparing your skin before the peel? Such as ... does he have you on a high strength Retin-A to start peeling the skin? When I had a chemical peel, my skin had to be prepared for it for a few weeks prior to the peel. (8 replies)
... did anyone experience any breakouts from glycolic acid or the glycolic acid peels? ... (8 replies)
... Hey, you might want to try SAGE's at home peels. They are 75 dollars for a 2 oz bottle, and they come in 30 percent, 40 percent, and 70 percent strengths. I haven't tried them myself, but was planning on it at the end of the month, andf I have heard many great things about them. ... (10 replies)
... crusting of this type generally refers to a hardening of the surface skin, so to say, which then usually kind of breaks apart and over a period of maybe 2-3 days will loosen and come off as it's ready. try not to pick at it if this happens to you. you had a 70% peel, right? for such a high concentration, i'd actually expect for things to be a little worse for you. sounds... (4 replies)
... peel, my skin actually lightly crusted over and then peeled away for a week. Underneath was pink baby soft skin...but my face was slightly swollen from the peel so at first I thought the scarring had dramatically improved. ... (18 replies)
... Hello Ryan, Thank you for responding to my question. On monday i had %70 peel. And you are right there was only one week between %40 and %70 peels. It only stayed on my face for 5 minutes. I am thinking of having the peels every week. Is it too much? (8 replies)
... I get microderms for scar help but the bad side of it is that it takes soooo many treatments. I like the way my skin is but it has taken me 11 treatments to do so. I have also had glycolic peels up to 70% and they work but I personally prefer the microderms over the peels for scarring. I think that the peels "refresh" the complexion more than REALLY helping with scarring but... (15 replies)
... There is no way to know what would be a safe percentage of glycolic acid to apply to your skin except to be determined by a professional who works with these chemicals. ... (4 replies)
... it doesn't sound much like scar material, though it'll probably stay pinkish for a week or so. the glycolic peel should take care of it though. ... (15 replies)
Glycolic peels
Mar 15, 2001
... I can't really afford the peels that most of you get so I decided to buy one of those at home peels. I ordered the 20% glycolic peel on ebay for 11 bux so I'll let you know how it goes ( I know it's risky but what else am i gonna do with these scars?). You can buy up to 70% but I'm starting out with 20 just to be safe . Has... (6 replies)
... about 2 weeks. 2-3 for a 60% peel, and 3-4 for a 70% one, generally. (9 replies)
... Ryan, the chemical peel treatments went on for a while -- I would wait anywhere from a few weeks to a few months in between the peels. But you should be able to tell if your skin feels extremely sensitive to things such as hot, cold, wind, etc. But, for you being a guy, I have been told that men have thicker skin than women so you may be able to tolerate more. You can... (8 replies)

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