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My TCA Peel Diary
Nov 22, 2002
... s just something I found to be soothing the day I do a light peel or the following day. ... (81 replies)
... what's the difference between a peel and cream? ... (11 replies)
... I have had glycolic peels beforee and also I plan to have more as I feel they are beneficial for your complexion and overall skin condition. ... (2 replies)

... I can relate. I also had a glycolic acid peel done on Thursday. It is my second one. ... (15 replies)
... glycolic acid peels remove the strateum corneum, the outermost layer of skin, and will go a little deeper with high percentages like 70% to remove the epidermis. if done incessantly, they could 'cause premature wrinkling and such, it's said, though it wouldn't likely be anything too noticeable if it were to happen. a series of peels over a limited amount of time, however,... (26 replies)
... normally you'd need to prep the skin for a peel. but, with a 20% peel, even a 30%, i wouldn't bother. if i were you, i'd start with a 30% peel at least. 40% wouldn't even be too high, and neither would 50%, though i'd recommend the 40% for the first time as the highest you might want to go, if not just to see how you react. for the higher peels, it's beneficial to prep... (11 replies)
... you may not peel that much but i noticed a difference even the second day, before i'd really started peeling. ... (8 replies)
... i did the glycolic peels round with my family doctor- up to 70% but saw very little change. i went to a dermatologist and he did a tca peel for me(this was a few months after CO2 laser with a different dermatologist). i was really amazed with the results i was getting from the tca peel. i went up to 20% whole face. i did 2 tca peels. i got spot tca peels done later(tca applied... (23 replies)
... Did your dermatologist say that glycolic Acid peels will help with pitted scars, because mine does not think that peels help at all with pitted scars. ... (23 replies)
... o a script, then surely you can buy the glycolic used in derms office? ... (8 replies)
... glycolic acid once a week and then use tazorac for 2 nights in a row later in the week. I find that this causes my skin to peel pretty good and has been doing a good job on my shallow scars. ... (0 replies)
... Ryan, sorry for the late response. I'm using Radiant Skin Care 12% glycolic acid peel, same with the Skin Balancer. Radiant Skin Care is the name of the acne and skin clinic I go here. They're the one that makes their own products. By the way, can you have 70% glycolic every two weeks apart? Or you need three weeks so that the face wouldn't get so painful from the acid?... (15 replies)
... i just talked to the nurse in a plastic surgeon's office today when setting up an apptmnt for a laser resurface consultation, and she mentioned that they also did glycolic peels there, but the max is 30%. she also stated that it is a 30% pure glycolic acid peel and the ones that are being touted as 70% strength is buffered down w/ other stuff so its not as strong as the ones... (23 replies)
... yeah. are you sure it was a glycolic acid peel? ... (4 replies)
Glyconic Acid Peel
May 14, 2002
... The problem here is this person is buying glycolic acid from EBAY of all places. Yikes! ... (10 replies)
... i believe there's a solution of glycolic acid higher than 70%, but i'm unsure. 70% works well thouh. and yaz, it depends on what you need accomplished. peels lower than 70% are usually done about a couple weeks apart, while 70% peels require about a three week period in between. (11 replies)
... I had a 30% peel at the beginning of December and was really disappointed, didn't notice any changes, no peeling, no nothing. My skin was smoother, I guess, but no effect on the pits or the red marks. Then on Dec 22 I had a 50% peel and noticed I was a little more red at the end of that, but again my skin didn't peel. But you know, the last few days looking in the mirror,... (2 replies)
... i believe the glycolic acid "peel" is 70-80%, not a 20% lotion. so you probably want to leave it on (2 replies)
... And I am going to try out a glycolic lotion in the evening before bed. Well if anyone has used any of these can you give me advise? ... (0 replies)
... does anyone reccomend a particular peel for large pores? ... (0 replies)

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