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... instead of how, say, glycolic acids and such work, which is to remove the outer layers of the skin to produce the same effect. ... (9 replies)
... peel does or try to find something about it. you should see good results with mild to moderate acne scarring with either peel. two treatments of the lower peel might be the best option though. you may also want to look into a series of glycolic acid peels. ... (6 replies)
What should I do?
Oct 31, 2004
... As a professional in the healthcare field, I must politely disagree with you in regard to the "thinning" of the skin due to glycolic acid. Yes, the glycolic acid will, in fact, reduce the thickness of the top layer of dead skin cells. ... (26 replies)

... depending on how you react to the glycolic peels, you'd probably be able to take a friday off and come back on monday with just a little bit of peeling. ... (5 replies)
... it's not that lighter chemical peels, such as the ones you're having and glycolic acid, become ineffective, rather, that they may lose some of their effectiveness over an extended period of time. ... (3 replies)
... t peel very much and quite tolerable. ... (7 replies)
... microdermabrasion won't do a whole lot, but it'll help. it won't however help too much waiting so long in between treatments as it looks like you did. sounds like you were the victim of someone who didn't really now much of what they were doing. you're right though about the articles and such involving treatments for scarring and so on. they're more often than not... (9 replies)
... Hi AGAIN, I feel you may be tired of responding to me by now. I again had a tca peel a superficial peel, from my research it seems to be comparable to a 70% glycoloc acid peel. The concentration was 20%, but something quite strange happened during the peel: The dermatologist applied a 30% glycolic acid then applied 20% tca, he asked if I felt any burning and there was no... (3 replies)
... Professional peels are expensive, but to me they are worth the money. All it takes is one peel per month. Dinner out costs more. I would rather have a peel than dinner any day of the week. ... (30 replies)
... Thats becuase he used a tca peel its stonger than glycolic acid. ... (8 replies)
... even with a 70% glycolic acid peel, you'd only be red for a few days. afterwards, you'll start to peel, the redness will subside, and you can probably put on make-up in just a couple days. your biggest problem will be the peeling though. you might want to try a series of lighter peels, say, in the 30% range. they'll help with the redness and exfoliation probably better than... (3 replies)
... Can you please please ask her if she can recommend a place close to Toronto Ontario CAnada??? I was about to start accutane, but definitely want the opportunity to try this first. Will I have to do this (the peels and stuff every week) for the rest of my life? Thanks for posting (5 replies)
... Price: My products: Face Wash Moistureizer/Sunblock (I had the Peter Roth already, so i didint buy hers) BP Scrub Glycolic Acid BP Cream Sulfur Mask( I had the sulfur mask already-didnt buy hers) ------------ $115 total (5 replies)
... Where ever you buy your glycolic acid peel maybe it will tell you how many minutes and for how many weeks. ... (4 replies)
... or glycolic acid peels would help. i'm not sure how bad your scarring is, but they'd help with redness. i've had both, and i like the glycolic peels better. ... (6 replies)
... HI Ryan, may I ask how far apart your peels are spaced? I was told that the 20% tca is similar to the 70% glycolic acid, but is intended to go much deeper. I think my doctor is doing the reverse, he is doing a microdermabrsion tomorrow, then on friday, a 20% tca, I too really can't see the benefit in that since he always pretreats the skin with a 30% glycolic acid peel, but... (15 replies)
... Many people seem to be trying out the chemical peel option, but there seems to be conflicting advice on this... ... (1 replies)
... if not, they should be very easy to get rid of, perhaps not even requiring a peel of any kind. you should try a facial sponge, and rub as hard as you can tolerate. that might do the trick in a week or two, with nothing to recover from. ... (7 replies)
Question for Ryan
Apr 26, 2001
... respectively. i'll keep you, and anyone else interested posted on how things go from here. i have the next peel in early may, so a little after that i'll let you know how it's goin'. ... (15 replies)
Question for Ryan?
May 23, 2001
... Thanks for time you take in answering my questions. Actually, he says the microdermabrasions would allow a better penetration of the tca and would also go deeper to produce better results. However, I really think I will not do any more peels and just stick with the microdermabrasions for now - the peels are getting to be too expensive at this point to continue doing all the... (9 replies)

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