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... of glycolic acid would be safe and also show results? ... (8 replies)
Macule treatment?
Oct 11, 2004
... f you use salicylic acid every night it might just make it dry out really bad and peel, attracting more attention to it. If I were you I would get something with glycolic acid in it. ... (2 replies)
... Buying chemical peels online is the way to go. I would'nt buy from that web site your talking about tho, there are better places to buy it from. I dont think stores sell chemical peels and if they do they are not strong. At home peels are just as strong as the derms and they cost you as little as 2 bucks a treatment. (8 replies)

Aug 11, 2004
... spent about 2000.00 on different products and Ive also spent about 650.00 going to a uppity Skinklinic in Newyork city on 5th Ave. I had a enzyme facial, Ive had glycolic treatment I had microdermabrasion, Ive was prescribed Benzaclin which costed an extra 95.00. My new Derm prescribed Benzamycin. ... (102 replies)
... pregnant my face went nuts. I went to the dermatologist and I am now washing my face with M.D. Forte' Glycare Cleansing Gel for oily skin. After washing I use a Glycolic liquid all over my face. If my skin gets dry I use either a lotion with SPF for day or regular M.D. Forte' loation for night. ... (1 replies)
... Are these just for scars, or do they also aid in the treatment of acne? ... (0 replies)
... Ive been using 'NEUTROGENA HEALTHY SKIN FACE LOTION' and all i can say is my skin has not looked this good in a long time, I dont get very much acne but i get bad flakey skin at least i did not any more, ive been using it for about a week no brakeouts at all, also it seems to be helping with blackheads, i meen i dont know what to say but wow, I was never a fan of FACE LOTION... (24 replies)
... I LOVE these products! I started using the Face Cream to counteract the drying effects of a prescription face wash - it was recommended by my dermatologist. It made my skin unbelievable! I just started using the Face Cream again since I began Accutane treatment and it has kept my skin so moisturized and smooth - clears everything! I have also used the Facial Cleaner and... (6 replies)
... Hi Zitty, Sorry I forgot to ask you in the previous post, did you use the Phenol on your neck? Also can you see any scaring where the line of the peel was around the rest of your face? I know there is a risk to any kind of treatment (that works anyway) and maybe I could take a gamble on the Phenol peel, it would be scarey though..... (9 replies)
... solution off ebay as well and look forward to giving it a try, they say you should do a treatment every week leaving it on for 5 to 10 minutes, however, ur first time should do only 5 min max. ... (14 replies)
... l go away in a few days ,ones with scabs a lil longer.Other red marks just as soon as they get close to going away they form into a zit again which requires more glycolic treatment because I can't stand a zit that isn't flat ! ... (10 replies)
... This weekend I really started to notice results from my skin care regimen. I decided to post exactly what I do. As you can see I have tried to treat the scars from all ďanglesĒ. This morning at work I keep walking back and forth to the menís room just to look at my face. I canít believe how good itís looking today! The improvement for the past 30 days is between 30 and 50... (12 replies)
... Dr. Sire's office does my injections. The cell renewal formula supposedly nourishes the building blocks of the skin, restores moisture and is a scar treatment. Sometimes I do this immediately after the microderm. If you go to dermatique's website it has some dramatic before and after pictures for non-acne scars and unfortunately only a black and white before and after for... (29 replies)
... Who is doing your saline injections? Is the cell renewal a serum? What's in it? Sounds like something you might want to put on right after you do the microderm treatment. (29 replies)
... I'm hearing conflicting statements, so I don't know which one to follow. I have only used this peel 3 times and this is the first time there has been any type of scabbing, there other times there was very little peeling. I'm using this because this is my only option no other treatments that I've tried has ever gotten rid of these red spots from my previous bouts with acne.... (29 replies)
... glycolic acid peels have worked very well for me, others like proactiv skin lightening lotion and other hyrdroquinone products (4 replies)
... hey jamie here...anyway, i saw my derm today and i must say , i dont know but i took a look in the mirror and my skin was looking so good compared to my last visit... i was quite surprised cause some mirrors made me get depressed.. i dont know if he has a trick mirror or what, but it's a regular mirror and there was plenty of sunlight in the room... hmmm.... ---- anyway,... (5 replies)
... Wow emma, I'm glad I read your post. I was considering glycolic peels! ... (36 replies)
... Glycolic acid creams/peelings......ruined my skin. Had beautiful skin before.Used it 4 months, took 9 peels....Have very sensitive/fair skin. Be careful using this!!!!! (36 replies)
... How did you get the "at home treatment peeling system" and how much was it? ... (6 replies)

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