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... I agree that you perhaps should investigate hormone therapy. It worked for me. Perhaps Spiro and BC pills combined. Taking Accutane 3 times is a bit much when it could just be your skins reaction to your hormone levels. ... (5 replies)
... Today's my fourth day on Accutane..well to tell the truth, this is my second time on accutane so it's nothing new... ... (18 replies)
... Yea itís perfectly fine. Some people go on Accutane 3-4+ times. If all you got the first time is chapped lips, then you should be fine. About the depression, it might have not been because of the Accutane, but just coincidence. (5 replies)

... Yes! It is possible! Infact most ppl on Accutane go in an initial breakout the first while. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I feel for you. I have had cystic acne for years, had to go on Accutane 3 times. It really is the only thing that works for cystic acne because it comes from within,and leaves bad scarring. ... (5 replies)
... I wrote in another thread that I was on it 3 times as well. The first time my weight wasn't even taken into consideration. I cleared up but it came back within a month of going off. ... (5 replies)
... you're absolutely right!!! fish oil contributes to healthy skin - this supplement is widely used by celebrities. My doctor told me about its benefits too - though I am not consistent taking it everyday, I noticed the change on my skin either - I had major breakouts last spring-summer, it just made my skin healthier and no more cystic pimples. I am using Nature's Made or... (62 replies)
... so i started to take it... i am now only on my 2nd week, and to my suprise the biggest change has been my acne outbreaks. ... (62 replies)
... ale from new york and I like you have the beast of acne. The disease. It started when I was about 13 and gradually got worse and worse... and worse.... I went on Minocin, tetracycline, I don't know just tons of and nothing worked. My brother was the same way except his acne was possibly as severe as it gets. ... (47 replies)
... BUT IVE BEEN ON ACCUTANE 3 TIMES!!! Ive been seeing a derm for over 12 years and ive been on so many different prescriptions i think i even know more about acne than most dermatologists do! ... (5 replies)
Aug 9, 2004
... I'm an Accutane veteran. ... (102 replies)
... one thing i am gathering from being on this board is that men have a way different take on accutane. women have to jump through hoops of fire to get it, because of pregnancy concerns. i waited three excruciating years. ... (31 replies)
... i go to college. nearly everyone at my college drinks about 3 times a week. it's what you do at college. i plan on taking accutane over drinking, but if i could have both that would definitely be better. obviously drinking isn't healthy, but it's fun. ... (31 replies)
Acne journal #3
Jan 14, 2001
... wasn't posted up the other day. Went to go see 13 Days, quite a long movie... I recommend for those who havn't seen it. ... (0 replies)
... I dont think that a dermatologist specializes in checking hormones. You need to go and see an endocrinologist! Im only 19 years old... and I went and saw my mom's endocrinologist! So as for crappy doctors... I'd say you have one... ... (7 replies)
... was completely cleared after my first treatment. I'm about to start my fourth treatment with no trepedation at all. I love Accutane, and being on it is a walk in the park for me. ... (21 replies)
... I'm 19 and have had acne for 6 years, and am quite convinced that my acne will never go away. In these 6 years, I have tried so many medications. In the last 3 years, I've been on Accutane 3 times!! ... (8 replies)
... OK, just wondering if anyone has experienced this and if anything helped. I'm on hmmm...week 12 maybe of Accutane, 2nd course, 40 one day, 80 the next. I'm female. ... (2 replies)
... i actually feel like the uncomfortable dryness and itching i had initially is getting better now that i've been on the med a while. i stopped shampooing my hair every day, and the bad dandruff i had initially is gone. ... (21 replies)
... Face looking 500 times better. Only one active pimple and it's tiny. One thing I do have though is a lot of blackheads on my cheek bones. I was wondering if anyone knows if these blackheads will surface with the accutane? ... (68 replies)

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