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... coz its SOO good for the skin. Some of my protein comes from cottage cheese or live yoghurt. I also eat 'cheese' made from brown rice from a company called Soyco. ... (9 replies)
Jan 18, 2004
... Right, I definately agree with Prometheus that what you hear us disagreeing about is more so the WHYs and not neccessarily the FOODS. To be very honest, most people could care less about the whys, and only want to know WHAT they have to do to get rid of their acne and health problems. ... (6 replies)
... It turns out my mother had acne as bad as mine, body acne like me too and was skinny when she was younger and now she doesn't have acne, but she's a bit overwieght. She still eats the same foods, perhaps more so along the lines of unhealthy foods and she's definately a sugar addict. ... (21 replies)

... you will probably always have to continue with that form of treatment if you wish to control or prevent it. ... (53 replies)
... Okay I couldn't find the old threads about the whole dieting thing so decided to make a new one... ... (19 replies)
... Now to answer your other major question. I believe it was something along the idea that if all we need to do is cleanse our toxic systems, why advocate major dietary changes considering how hard it is to do in Western Civilization, right? ... (429 replies)
... LOL, I honestly don't know if there is a correlation with eating too much as I can eat 1 meal or day or 5 meals and NOT gain weight. Normally I can get so preoccupied that I rarely eat 3 meals a day anyway so for me I'm not eating too much food. ... (93 replies)
... children that begin puberty before the age of 8 and do get acne. Of course these children also end up having some sort of hormonal disorder, sometimes it is due to Insulin Resistance Syndrome. ... (54 replies)
... As for kkpp he has roscea i think this is very different to say vulgaris, maybe what he says is good for roscea, i won't dispute this its foolish of me to dismiss his ideas about roscea when i have never had it. But its bollocks for bog standard acne. ... (40 replies)
Cereal Issues!!!
Apr 26, 2004
... about here is that people assume that cereal causes acne, which is not the case. Cereals such as fruit loops, frosted flakes, cocoa puffs are indeed CRAP and not good for the body, but not all cereal is bad. ... (21 replies)
... NO, please don't think like that. You will NOT end up sterol if you suppress your hormones through diet. ... (17 replies)
... Of course, not everyone will be open to doing cleansings, etc. There's various types for certain individuals to account for possible sensitivities and there's also various types depending on what system of the body you want or need to cleanse. ... (429 replies)
... oo much sugar in itself bothers me to. Regardless, what I can say is that eating a Gluten Free diet is automatically a LOWER in Carb diet than what we are used to eating. ... (30 replies)
... I would think mine is bad diet. ... (15 replies)
... CONVERT this it creates an imbalance thus spiking your male hormones. Thus spiking your acne breakouts. ... (22 replies)
... First of all, it's not natural to your body. ... (30 replies)
... As I stated, I believed this also. I actually started to keep a log of EVERYTHING I ate, trying to find a correlation. ... (11 replies)
Acne diet?
Dec 13, 2004
... now and then. I put food into three categories, "Safe", "In Moderation", "Limit Greatly", and "Avoid". Like I said, it works for very well me, but you may need to experiment for yourself. ... (12 replies)
... obviously if u eat nothing but fry ups your gonna suffer,,someone like sunfell or prometheus really know whay theyre talking about.. ... (11 replies)
... As you can see i'm a senior member and have been here for more than 2 years. ... (32 replies)

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