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Diet and acne
Apr 9, 2001
... hormones are affected and acne is one of the consequences. ... (27 replies)
... There seems to be a lot of belief that grains may cause acne. The Healthy Food Pyramid thing (I'm sure you've all seen it at some point) recommends 4-6 servings of grain and grain-based foods on a daily basis. So to those who try to avoid grains, don't you feel that you are missing certain health benefits from grain? I've eliminated a lot of the grains from my daily diet,... (9 replies)
... Thank you for this post. I've never had a major acne problem, but I always seemed to have a few pimples. And for the longest time, I bought into the what the "experts" said, which is that diet and acne have no connection. But now I know better. ... (8 replies)

... I totally agree with everything you have said, I have done the psyllium and Bentonite shakes on and off for the last 2 months, and my acne is nearly clear, which is just on my back and legs now, face is looking good. ... (429 replies)
... I don't know. I stopped paying attention to cereals a long time ago. I don't eat much grain and I definitely don't eat cereal grain, or other denatured grain products. So it doesn't concern me. ... (18 replies)
... has a charcoal cleanser and it's a light black color. I havent tried it yet but I am going to. ... (429 replies)
... a and benzol peroxide and oxy "oxygen" and every other product out there. ... (40 replies)
... ball rolling as quickly as possible you will have to put a little effort in. As I said earlier, I would recommend an initial fasting period i.e. only drink water and only ingest the capsules, until you feel completely empty. ... (429 replies)
... So like I mentioned before, I'm not surprised that I ended up being skinny and having acne. ... (21 replies)
... When you think about it, it makes sense. Dandruff can be caused by dry skin, but it's also caused by oily skin. The same way our acne forms is the same way dandruff forms. The scalp is too oily so that dead skin builds up on the scalp on plugs the follicles. ... (7 replies)
... Ok, so according to Cordain and what has worked for me, your diet is highly suspect as far as acne and in my opinion health as well. I know you think this is totally healthy and two years ago I would have as well. I ate very similarly. ... (16 replies)
... i have to say the acne is improving. ... (3 replies)
The Gym and Acne
Jan 8, 2004
... react to the hormones. Teenagers for example produce heavy excess androgens naturally during growth phase of their life and that is why they often get acne. ... (11 replies)
... e containing foods as if that was truly a goal, one would eliminate turkey before seafood! Although the seafood itself, particularly shellfish can be allergenic and so it could be problematic for some people. Regardless, what have you personally discovered were your aggrevators? ... (22 replies)
... vegetable diet and many other elimination diets. With all these, I may have seen a very slight improvement but it did not in any way eliminate the acne. ... (110 replies)
The Gym and Acne
Jan 8, 2004
... I'm not sure if working out is as bad as you think for your skin. I lift weights 3 to 4 days a week and have managed to rid my body of acne through diet. Plus, I get plenty of carbs form whole grain without issue and they do not affect my skin. Thats my experience, maybe it doesn't work for everyone. ... (11 replies)
Diet and Acne
May 8, 2006
... Like you, I learned it the hard way. And the worst part is that the stuff that's supposedly healthy is just as much as a contributor as junk food is. I cut out sweets and fast food, but still got acne. ... (9 replies)
... Brown basmati is great. From what I've read basmati is not refined and brown basmati is naturally brown and white basmati is naturally white so you may be able to eat this "white" and it would still have its nutritional integrity. I would research this though. ... (9 replies)
... lean ground turkey, and minimal whole grain carbs. No sugars, no dairy. My skin looked great, and I attribute it both to the diet and the good mood my diet put me in. No weight loss, but didn't care much about that anyway. ... (4 replies)
... Well I eat raisen nearly on a weekly basis. I buy them boxed or get them fresh from the health food store. Some you can find enriched with calcium and others you will find with added sugar. Raisens are sweet enough without added sugar. ... (34 replies)

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