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... I'm confused about this. Some people say that grains cause acne. But another person said that oats are good for the skin. Aren't oats part of the grains food group. Can someone please clear this up for me. Will oats cause acne? ... (5 replies)
... Grains, including oatmeal, do not cause acne. You can eat all the grains you want, as long as you don't have any allergies to them of course. ... (5 replies)
... There is one thing that confuses me. A lot of people say grains cause acne. However, the list of foods at the very beginning of this post state that oats are not a problem. Aren't oats part of the grains food group? ... (55 replies)

... There seems to be a lot of belief that grains may cause acne. ... (9 replies)
... Grains whether you are Allergic or not, Intolerant or not, cause a variety of problems. They affect not just those with autoimmune disorders, but those that have health and hormonal problems as well. ... (5 replies)
... these refined carbs can cause an insulin surge, and hormonal surges such as this can't be beneficial for acne sufferers. ... (5 replies)
... Several reports have suggested that specific foods do not cause acne. ... (7 replies)
... Some former acne sufferers found that they can only consume unrefined oats. ... (5 replies)
... However, others will argue that it lacks fiber which is what may cause the breakouts. ... (13 replies)
... s sticky nature also helps breads bind together. If using GF breads, usually Xanthum Gum or Guar Gum, among other ingredients, are used to help overcome these grains gritty texture and inability to rise. GF Breads are the hardest to replace and may be an accquired taste. ... (12 replies)
... I have Acne and I was raised by a "hippy" mom and have had a "low glycemic" diet as you mention. ... (40 replies)
... Many different things can cause acne and hormonal imbalance is one of them. ... (3 replies)
... t affect your acne as much as you think it does. I too, tried a couple acne diets on this board and avoided all milk, sugar, cut down on my grains and carbs, and mostly ate raw vegetables and fruit. ... (10 replies)
... et is related to acne. More specifically, there have been studies carried out, which show that consumption of bread, pastas etc can spike blood sugar levels and cause acne. As promtheus has highlighted these studies have been carried out by a professor called Loren Cordain. ... (15 replies)
... And yes, you do need grains in your diet. Bread is fine, so long as you read the nutritional information and compare shop. Not all whole wheat breads are alike. ... (9 replies)
... insulin can cause acne in so many ways. From stimulating the hormones that stimulate oil production to causing inflammation to overloading the liver to feeding bacteria and candida. ... (16 replies)
... I'm glad you mentioned milk products because dairy is not only a major cause of acne, it's a perfect example of a food that we've all been raised to believe is healthy, but actually isn't. ... (19 replies)
... therefore, to control hormones, limit consumption of all carbs, including fruits and root vegetables. whole grains can be especially harmful, contrary to popular opinion. ... (24 replies)
... Acne is definitely caused by nutritional deficiencies. My acne was caused entirely by my diet. It was caused by milk, not gluten. ... (3 replies)
... and no fats, protein, or fiber to slow the digestion of it, causes serious spikes in insulin levels which can cause oil glands to overproduce oil in susceptible individuals. ... (1 replies)

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