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... While Systemic Yeast can cause acne, as far as I know, Mucous doesn't. Where did this theory come from? ... (8 replies)
... While Systemic Yeast can cause acne, as far as I know, Mucous doesn't. Where did this theory come from? ... (2 replies)
... Anyways I do believe that a part of my acne my be diet related..but I think more of it in my case is genetics. I could go strickly vegetarian and I guarantee that I wouldn't see any changes in my acne. ... (27 replies)

... that cause acne. Everyone who heals their acne through diet avoids these together. ... (7 replies)
... Can sugar alcohol and other artificial sweeteners cause acne? ... (2 replies)
... you. They are atleast acknowledging that the hydrogenated variety is hazardous. I cook with saturated fat, because it is stable at higher temperatures, and won't cause harm to my heart and body. Atleast, personally, I know I am doing ok because of my lipid profile. ... (30 replies)
... I would say that normally an apple shouldn't affect you and it generally wouldn't cause a breakout the following day. So if the apple is the only culprit you can come up with, then that might mean you've got some candida to deal with. ... (11 replies)
... and eliminate the acne infection. ... (5 replies)
... Actually while I was looking up some articles on Hydrogenated oils, I came across one on whole grains. Basically it said that Whole Grains have always been known to Reduce Insulin Resistance and Type II Diabetes over Refined Grains. ... (17 replies)
... For those that are a vegetarion or a vegan, you will more than likely aggrivate your acne condition. That's because you eliminated your meat, etc protein source and are now eating soy. For some people eating soy may be problem. ... (11 replies)
... their acne got worse OR it GAVE them acne. ... (110 replies)
... initiate acne production. "Bread" as in Wheat, as this is primarily what is used when we speak of Flour, Bread, Pasta, etc. ... (11 replies)
... Hi SweetJade1, I just have to say that I love your advice. You are very knowledgeable, and I really respect and admire that quality in people. Keep up the good work! :) (27 replies)
... Furthermore, while it looks like we are avoiding misc. items, usually we all are avoiding foods that have already been shown to cause allergic or intolerant reactions in susceptible individuals. ... (27 replies)
... You've also heard that carbohydrates can cause of host of diseases and hormonal disorders, right? ... (21 replies)
... gest junk food junky going and now I can't find a thing to eat in a convenience store. It's tough to pull off. I would love to know what your diet consists of, cause I've seen much discussion on the vegetarian diet not necessarily being ideal for acne. Soy and beans can be very bad for acne due to the lectins they contain. ... (16 replies)
... Ahh, so it does run in the family. In that case definately get your blood levels checked and ask about Avandia. Also, in case you are wondering, I don't follow a Low Carb or No-simple carb diet. I had to eliminate Gluten as it was a BIG contributer to blood sugar problems. Actually Wheat and Millet (which is gluten-free) will increase your Insulin Resistance (can cause... (14 replies)
... that you notice aggrivate your acne, but eliminating these is not a sure fire way to get rid of your acne, as they may be simply high in natural sugars which can cause inflammation but do not cause acne. Getting rid of the above foods I mention which cause your acne will eliminate your acne. The choice is yours. ... (15 replies)
... has helped certain acne sufferers, while others had to completely eliminate milk. ... (24 replies)
... Here is my cure for acne and its free! Follow my advice for a few months and your acne will be improved! Acne is mostly hormone related. Do not eat things that mess too heavily with your hormones. ... (46 replies)

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