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... ll have friends who seem to be able to eat as much "bad food" as they like and never suffer from spots. This is generally why people argue that these foods don't cause acne. However, some of us are susceptible to break outs if we eat lots of the food in the left hand column below. ... (19 replies)
Dec 22, 2001
... and onions. Leafy green veggies are good. Pumpkin seeds are suppose to be good because they are high in zinc and a zinc deficiency can cause acne. Some books say to stay away from diary, it is very mucous forming and can clog pores. ... (6 replies)
... intolerance to things you are eating a lot of that cause me horrible cysts. Perhaps you should look into that. ... (3 replies)

... breast tenderness or growth, etc. These phytoestrogens are found in almost any plant and therefore are probably in some of the grains you may be eating. ... (23 replies)
... Another "recipe." Get some whole organic flax seeds and a cheap coffee grinder and put flax seeds in the oatmeal. Adds a ton of fiber, good fat, a bit of protein. You can also add a bit of honey, or fruit like everyone else suggested. Berries have a relatively low GI. (9 replies)
... Yeah im pretty sure the instant stuff has a higher GI which is bad. Just get the organic stuff and throw some blueberrys and rasberrys in with it. Thats what I do occasionally. (9 replies)
... I don't think it's the sugar (although that's not good for you, either). I think that with the instant oatmeal it's more refined, which means it's less nutritious and has a higher GI (like the difference between white / wheat bread or brown / white rice). When I make oatmeal I mix it with yogurt, walnuts, and diced up granny smith apples or bananas. Definitely not bland! (9 replies)
... I like to eat oatmeal every morning, but i only get organic oatmeal because it's better for you then quaker oatmeal Oats are good for you (9 replies)
... I've actually never been able to eat oatmeal; just too bland. Quaker instant oatmeal is the only form of oatmeal that I can tolerate. Is it the sugar content that makes it undesirable? If so, they now have a "reduced sugar" version for like 2 flavours. Besides oatmeal, what else is there? (9 replies)
Protien and acne
Jan 24, 2005
... however, on healthy individuals it was not shown to cause any negative effects. So what's too much? ... (8 replies)
Acne & Sugar
Jul 24, 2004
... yes, that is officially a sh1tload of sugar. basically the 'no sugar' approach is cutting out virtually ALL refined sugar, so none of the following; soft drinks, sweets/candy, white bread and products made from other refined grains, and some sugars that are not refined but can still be too much; dried fruits (raisins sultanas, dates etc) (2 replies)
... A long time ago I started by cutting out grains, which showed me significant improvement. Until recently I had still been consuming eggs 1-2 times a week, hydrogenated oils (from restaurants...even though I was choosing healthy options such as grilled chicken...most places still use oils...especially buffets), I also know that I consumed some canned/frozen veggies (assuming... (8 replies)
... and they have fluoride in their water also. I think I had one or two pimples from all the time I was there and then I moved south and now I have 3 or 4 cystic acne and my face does'nt seem to get any better. ... (9 replies)
... I would like to say though that in terms of the other arguments, that there are TWO groups of acne sufferers. ... (49 replies)
... are a Large part of our diet, that perhaps it's only CERTAIN ones that are the problem. More specifically the ones that cause INFLAMMATION. The same ones, that have even been reported to cause Rheumatoid Arthritis! ... (3 replies)
... I think there will always be confusion over the "cure" or what the Main Culprit is, but for SOME people, maybe more than we know, food can cause a variety of different problems. ... (28 replies)
... I'm not to familar with wieght lifting, but from what other acne sufferers have said, they intentionally bulk up on not just protein but also lots of carbs so that they can boost there testosterone levels and build muscle. ... (6 replies)
... As for the spicy and citrus foods, well if you personally find these to be problematic, acne and digestive wise, then avoid them. This actually is easier to do than avoiding other foods. ... (49 replies)
... years after accutane. Then there are members that have had to go on up to 3, 4, or 5 Accutane courses and their acne still won't go away. ... (9 replies)
... The USDA Food Pyramid, the Government, and Fast Food Industry promotes the overconsumption of grains and under consumption of fruits and vegetables. ... (44 replies)

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