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... diet studies that have concluded that diet plays little to no part in acne did not eliminate wheat in the diet studies. ... (23 replies)
... x per week. This doesn't stop acne per se, but when I'm following a healthy lifestyle, my skin looks better overall, and any problems heal a lot faster. ... (2 replies)
... Diet doesn't seem to affect me at all. I could eat anything and my face would break out just the same. I am pretty sure my acne was caused by hormones rather than any external influences. I don't have a strict diet but I try to eat somewhat healthy at every meal. ... (31 replies)

... After this, you can use the grains both morning and evening if you want before the shampoo. I do, but many people find this too much. Once a day is fine, or even only a few times a week. ... (4 replies)
... How bad was your acne before you began treatment? ... (4 replies)
... I've read people say that when people's acne clears they never come back here so we never know what really works. Must be true cause I haven't posted or read anything in months. I've been using SAGE since June and now I'm totally clear. ... (3 replies)
Vegetarian diet
Aug 25, 2002
... apparently carbohydrates and nightshades can cause rheumatoid arthritis. ... (10 replies)
... i also would like you to tell me about you experience with it like what was your acne like before ? ... (13 replies)
Diet advice
Mar 19, 2005
... Start reading about how the body works esp. the digestive system to see how everything is interelated and how one thing can cause a chain reaction, or read some of the acne specific books like Perricone or the general helath like Hoffman, Null, Weil, Dr. Ali, or McKeith. ... (27 replies)
... n Prescription by Nicholas Perricone. You don't need to buy these books if you scour these boards for all the tips myself and others have left on how to control acne with diet. You won't cure it, there is no cure. Acne is your bodies reaction to a hormonal imbalance cause by a myriad of factors. ... (7 replies)
... eliminate your acne. That is why you will notice EVERYONE that has EVER cleared or improved their acne from diet, with the exception of food allergies, will ALWAYS have been from some FORM of a Low Carb diet. I'm sorry, that the one you used wasn't enough. ... (9 replies)
... crub if you have acne....its very rough and some say it can actually roughen up the complexion, and if you are concerned about aging and fine lines, can actually cause them. ... (3 replies)
... I hate to hear that your suffering like this. I had fought this battle myself for the past 12 years and only now finally know what is causing it and how to control it(not cure it). Just a few words of advice. 1. About the sores on your mouth. Are you sure that this is acne? When I first began breaking out I also began having bad fever blister breakouts. To me it... (17 replies)
Cereal Issues!!!
Apr 26, 2004
... Actually, fruit is better ;) Can some tolerate oatmeal? Yes...some can. But, there are many who still cannot. I know that for me sometime last year when I thought oatmeal was safe and added it back in, I came out with some nasty spots. But, if you'd like to try oatmeal...atleast go for something other than the instant packaged kind they sell in the grocery stores...and... (21 replies)
... i had the severeest case of cystic acne until i began limiting all carbs, including fruits and root vegetables. fruit was particularly harmful for me. and why? ... (3 replies)
... I know people say food doesn't cause it, because they have friends who eat whatever they want and have beautiful skin, etc. I have a friend like that. She eats horribly, but her skin is gorgeous. ... (34 replies)
Dec 28, 2002
... should be exfoliating chemically with beta hydroxy acids. If you feel like you need a manual exfoliant, I would suggest Sage grains or Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. ... (29 replies)
... ng of the 4th day. I have taken 3 20mg Sotret Acctuane pills. Slept like a baby, no sign of side effects other than the slightly dry lips. I am waiting for my acne to go crazy since I have stopped all antibiotics. I seem to be in a lull. Good! ... (250 replies)
... e who get a pimple if they eat anything with dairy, but for me, it takes a lot of dairy to see any effect. If you're serious about wanting to find out what foods cause your skin to break out, you need to start fresh. ... (3 replies)
... Lots of people swear by the treatment of acne with diet. Yes, wheat intolerance can by a factor in acne. ... (4 replies)

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