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... months after that. I am scheduled to get on it again next week. From my experience, I did experience some dryness with my skin and lips but it was not severe because I kept myself really hydrated. ... (43 replies)
... don't know all...they generalize. Some like your Derm may even 'bully'...this is not acceptable! You should see another Derm who is more open to YOUR feelings and thoughts. ... (7 replies)
... I dun think food or drinks play a big deal...might be just a little..I had been eating very healthy for the past 2 yrs..never dared to eat greasy food..I have forgot how french fries taste like ....and I didn't drink coke or anything sweet for the past 2 yrs as well..and I still got breakouts.. ... (216 replies)

Get off the drugs!
Jan 22, 2001
... Acne is a normal process which all people go through, some in a limited and some in a major way. There are varying degrees of it through your 'acne years'. If you're lucky, it will not hit you as bad as some. ... (8 replies)
... person. All you can do is try various things out and see what works best for YOUR skin. And while some say that diet changes helped them, it never helped me or anyone I personally know. ... (15 replies)
... I am 23 years old and for as long as I can remember been suffering from acne. Some people may remember my posts from a LONG time ago, but it's been a while since I've been here. ... (4 replies)
... mes, retinoids, and numerous antibiotics, it was Accutane that finally cured my somewhat severe acne. I'm not saying Accutane is for you and I'm not saying it will cure you. ... (0 replies)
... ill tell you straight up from experience......ive been on accutane twice and it did wonders for me. Food wise go ahead and eat what you want.......i mean i still stray away from the chocolate and greasy foods. ... (8 replies)
... Stop eating greasy foods, it's going to give u more pimples" First off greasy foods dont cause acne and i scream it at peopel who say other wise yet they never believe it. Oh and one more thing....i was thinking in my head the moment she sed it... ... (85 replies)
... acne connection, i urge you take a few minutes to read this and consider it. believers, please comment and share your experiences. ... (49 replies)
... Thank you so much for starting this thread. It took me nearly 30 years to become a believer and I feel like such an idiot for not making the connection sooner cause it seems so obvious now. ... (49 replies)
... greasy foods are a huge contributor to many people's acne. No lie. I know this because I changed my diet. Nothing hardcore, just stopped eating fast food burgers and french fries and stuff. Doesn't work for everyone but does for most. ... (25 replies)
... t in commercials and those never do anything. ... (10 replies)
... excessive androgens and acne. ... (0 replies)
... grains, fried and greasy foods, and simple sugars. ... (7 replies)
... -ACCUTANE is the best product for acne so far. IT WORKS MIRACLES!. You will not see the results until about 4 to 6 months. You face will clear completly. I promise you. It has a bit of side effects (minor) but it is the best thing out there. (It is very expensive) also if you have insurance they will cover it (it did for me). -Use sunscreen it helps with the... (5 replies)
... girl!! i'm taking yasmin bcp which worked at clearing my skin for about a year. the back pain thing is totally weird, like lexla i only notice it at laying down and it IS my lower back too!!! i notice it when i 1st get into bed at night and lay on my back, it just aches ridiculously and seems to spread through my pelvis. ... (8 replies)
I'm done
Mar 5, 2005
... welp i've had it for 10 years now i'm 28 and i've been very depressed about it and other times i haven't ........i'd go to a dermatologist and try and get accutane if you have insurance If not hrm try and find a non alcohol drying cleanser and stay away from greasy food especially =( and don't wash your face too much at most 2x a day (13 replies)
... I've been researching fading agents and it appears to me that there are a few ingredients that work. ... (3 replies)
... od moisturizer it keeps it under control. i do have like spots that are flaky, which blows! cause i feel like im ocd sometimes ha but ive been drinking mad water and that seems to be helping alot too. what was your acne like? ... (4 replies)

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