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... Try vitamin B5....10 grams a day (5 replies)
... but I still have an incredibly greasy face, noticeable even after a few minutes of washing it. At the same time my skin is also dry and sensitive... kinda contradicts itself. ... (5 replies)
... Years ago, doctors thought food like chocolate and french fries caused breakouts. They now know food has nothing to do with acne. Greasy food does not cause greasy skin. People with acne have oil glands under their skin that just seem to work overtime. ... (28 replies)

Making me greasy?
Dec 30, 2002
... My skin feels really good and amazingly it really is shrinking pores and tightening my skin, however, I also think its making me really greasy. So greasy that my face is all shiny within 1 hour after using it. ... (1 replies)
Differin greasy???
Jan 19, 2001
... I like you, find differin cream to be greasy also. It does not dry out my skin at all, I have been using it for seven weeks now. i really don't see much improvement, but the first few weeks were horrible. ... (8 replies)
... yes my nose is very greasy at times and also very shiny there has to be a product that can help me with that (2 replies)
... I apply my jojoba oil to a dry face, but only use a very very small amount. 4-5 tiny drops due my whole face. You aren't trying to apply it like a lotion or body oil. It will take about 5-10 minutes to fully absorb. If you apply too much it will look and feel greasy. Put a few drops in your hand and rub your hands together, then rub your face. Its very easy to use too... (1 replies)
... Yeah Kateling i know u werent tryin to pick a fight, but i never meant that eatin greasy foods would directly affect acne, i didnt mean it like that, thats y i mentioned the bits about high calories increasin hormones slightly an the liver strugglin to get junk out, etc. Go to any search engine an type sumthin like 'Hormone increse, food' or sumthin, or 'calories increase... (28 replies)
... Yea, airborne grease from foods can make you break out worse. But I was just talking about eating greasy foods. ... (28 replies)
... It is a MYTH! greasy foods/junk food doesn't cause acne. Maybe for a few people they might break out a lil more if they eat one kind of food because they are allergic or something to that one food. But unhealthy foods in general doesn't affect your acne. And I personally have never come across one or two kinds of food that Im allergic to and it affected my acne. ... (28 replies)
... no eating greasy foos is an acne myth. However, airborne grease can affect your acne. ... (28 replies)
... ope i dont think so because then y do the people that eat greasy pizza everyday and candy and chips have such clear skin? ... (28 replies)
... I agree on the note that food CAN make a difference, not directly on the cloggin pores an stuff. But eatin things with high caloric values, like chocolate (lots of sugar) an greasy foods (lots of fat), these both have a lot of cals from bein so sugary/fatty. An takin in lots of calories at any 1 time can cause a lil boost in ur hormones, which COULD cause probs in the acne... (28 replies)
... Iam going to disagree on this one,I stopped eating greasy foods and started drinking alot of water and the oil went down alot,I always had really oily skin but now its barely noticeable. ... (28 replies)
... ALL summer, I drank tons of water, stayed away from greasy and oily foods and only drank water not anything else. I still got bad breakouts. Diet doesnt really affect breakouts. ... (28 replies)
... It's not my intention to sound patronizing, I honestly don't know if greasy foods (or any foods for that matter) affect acne, or if drinking lots of water actually helps. Can anyone clarify this for me? I'd appreciate your help, I know I should know this stuff... (4 replies)
Differin greasy???
Jan 16, 2001
... My derm said that what I was using to wash my face was okay. I use Neutrogena Acne Wash, and yes, I DEFINATELY wash my face thoroughly. I also use St. Ives Apricot Scrub to get all the dead skin off. I just put the Differin on tonight, and made sure I used a very thin layer. My face is still greasy!

(8 replies)

Differin greasy???
Jan 16, 2001
... Yea I feel all greasy after applying the differin cream, I think its because I put a thick layer on. ... (8 replies)
Differin greasy???
Jan 16, 2001
... Differin cream... I thought I put a thin enough layer on... I swear, my face was all greasy! (8 replies)
Differin greasy???
Jan 16, 2001
... i use differin gel and it isnt greasy at all it dries in less than 5 mins dont apply too much though, just enough to cover your entire face with a very thin layer (8 replies)

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