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... Sparkle, yes, isn't that the strangest thing? Whenever I use "sensitive skin" anything it seems to radically irritate my skin. I kept trying, though, (either out of desperation, stupidity, or a combination of both) -- determined that if it was for "sensitive skin" then by default it "must" be better and safer, and I kept thinking maybe "this time" was just a fluke, and "next... (38 replies)
... If I'm dry I use her essential non greasy moisturizer. ... (0 replies)
... ily so clearly what im doing to my face isnt helping anyway. i will try and start using normal face wahes, i just get really dry easily if i do wash it or really greasy easily if i dont. also whenever i am greasy i feel i have to wash whihc means sometimes 4 or 5 times a day which clearly wont help either. ... (14 replies)

... eat no kind of nuts but peanuts. This includes not drinking dark colas because they are made from cola nuts. Do not eat pizza because it is very greasy. Anything greasy or any dark carbonated liquid will aggravate your acne. It aggravates it because it produces more oils and grease in your body which creates a pimple. ... (28 replies)
... a little darker and greasy looking. FAce feels tender like a bad sunburn. ... (11 replies)
... eone has, but how each person feels about their particular problem. Like I said 1 pimple can ruin it for me and others. All the while, the rest of the skin feels greasy and ugly as well. Sometimes there aren't red inflamed pimples, but there are skin colored bumps that are so annoying and greasy. ... (6 replies)
... Applied the Normalizer cream. It feels like I am applying butter to my face. It feels a little greasy and gritty. It goes against my instinct of what I would normally put on my face. Leave it on for 2 hours then wipe it off. Face feels and looks the same. ... (33 replies)
Aug 24, 2002
... the one that did not work had an oilier, more mosturizing feel maybe even greasy feel to it and when I put it on my skin it did not seem to absorb very quickly, it was a more opaque white and resembled elmers glue. ... (15 replies)
... I too have been thinking about starting to eat better. Like cutting sugar out of my diet, staying away from greasy foods, and eating more fruits and veggies. I agree with you, it can't hurt. ... (22 replies)
... Does anyone know of a great moisturizer that's not greasy. I've tried cetaphil and purpose, but it leaves my face looking greasy. I think its that spf thing on it. (6 replies)
... Ive tried that neutrogena too and bannana boat vitaskin(spf45) but they all make you greasy about 20min after putting it on I hate that, anyone know any that dont make you look shiny/greasy. (8 replies)
... I had cystic acne on my face. Not any more with 10g for 3 months plus a change of diet. Where I noticed it is in the morning my face and hair used to be so greasy it looked wet. No I don't even have to wash my hair every day and its not greasy. I think my hair is also added bonus! ... (12 replies)
... I find it too greasy for me and chances are you won't need to use it after you get through the dry stage. ... (6 replies)
Good sunscreens?
May 28, 2002
... Also the neutrogena oil free sunblock is good but kinda greasy and its only spf 30. ... (7 replies)
... free" or not. I don't know what Sage does differently, but their SPF is not greasy at all. It's also a different consistency... ... (11 replies)
Centrium A-Zinc
Apr 17, 2002
... American Institute of Preventive Medicine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Acne is the teenagersí curse. Teenagers have to worry about pimples just when they want to look their best. Acne can pop up on the shoulders, back, neck, and face. Many people still have acne or acne scars when they are adults. These things do... (6 replies)
... So, if eating greasy foods causes a breakout, don't eat greasy food. ... (3 replies)
All B5 users
Mar 14, 2002
... B5 worked for me after all else failed. By the time I was about 16 I wasn't eating sweets and really greasy food. I took mino and tetracycline for a couple years. ... (42 replies)
... o get clear ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Iknow youve heard it before and think its not for you but after about a week I couldn't believe it that my face got less and less greasy and it wasn't flaking either. ... (43 replies)
... I now just wash my face 1x aday when I take my shower. I do wash at night also if I'm having a greasy face day, as a precaution.I think if your acne is really bad you should also wash again before bed, but don't use a cloth. ... (9 replies)

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