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My Cure!!
Aug 13, 2007
... for about 3 days and then started to get little pimples all over my face in places where I rarely get pimples. ... (51 replies)
... use alot of this stuff it will actually help clear your pimples i swear. ... (8 replies)
... our skin shows flakes, or feels tight, its dry. Even though it can be oily all day. So I washed my face in the morning and evening with Phisoderm for dry skin. A green bottle. Its a VERY MILD cleanser, and doesn't dry out the skin. ... (11 replies)

... and little under the skin bumps on my forehead. The pimples would last FOREVER!! Even when 1 erupted and calmed the scab would remain for at least over a month. ... (18 replies)
... Now, I only get one or two really tiny pimples before my good ol' time of the month. Other than that, the only thing that's really "wrong" with my skin is that there are some scars from the past pimples. ... (20 replies)
Aug 29, 2004
... I've been washing with just regular soaps like irish spring the green one, also dove which my doc gave to me. Should I be using some other soap or just wait because it's not the soaps but the accutane making me get pimples. ... (2 replies)
... my husband who is a healthy 32 yr old has suffered from severe back acne for about 5 yrs now, just out of the blue!!ironically this started after he use to do sweaty hard labour work!!! he has roughly 30 red blotchy scars from past pimples and usually 4-7 green big painful pimples. he isnt really bothered except vanity wise. je refuses to go swimiing and never takes his shirt... (10 replies)
... This sounds like what i have on my chin. I thought it was a cyst. But it gets kinda green looking, maybe just infected looking, andit crusts over and i can peel it off. And when peeled off i can see white bumps, like 3 pimples forming inside it. ... (14 replies)
... You said that your skin seems to be producing pimples rather than 'acne' and they are healing up much quicker than normal. That is great and seems to correlate to posts I have read on acneorg. ... (188 replies)
... huge pimples a day, which ultimatley counteracted any healing that could have occured overnight.. ... (14 replies)
... improvement but the pimples still come. ... (3 replies)
... cheeks like bad and my back and chest. My Dad took me to the doctors and i am now taking diane 35, i have only taken 2, but it seems to be working, i also got a green peel, it didn't work.. ... (2 replies)
... The severity of your acne is very similar to mine. I only have maybe 3 active pimples on my face, but the red marks make it look much worse than it really is. I also have "good" weeks and "bad" weeks. ... (9 replies)
... the change in skin routine for the past two days...or whatever.. my skin is doing heaps better. I have three pimples on my face...the rest of it looks great. I broke out a bit after about a week of stopping the mino. ... (15 replies)
... No problem Sebum, no problem at all. Actually, the carrots (or more preferably carrot juice) is the best way to take in VitA and most of your nutrients. If you have access to a Juicer (such as the Juiceman or JuiceTiger) than make this drink: 5 carrots (organic are best) 2 apples 1/2 bell green pepper (7 replies)
... itz a reaction 2 it because i have very sensitive skin but its ok by my cheeks i dont hav many pimples there anyway...i dont wana put you off maybe it might work even better on your skin.... ... (5 replies)
... If you are looking to lose some weight, I would recommend drinking a couple cups of green tea per day. It has been proven to speed up metabolism. ... (54 replies)
... is Green Tea made by Arizona crap? ... (14 replies)
... I was on Mino and Erythromycin for over a year. Got an initial bad breakout with both after the first week. Both worked good for a few months but then It started to take forever for acne, cuts etc. to heal. Yes I was getting less pimples but existing ones (red marks) were visible for weeks. My face felt dead and I was on a strict diet and lost to much weight. So I... (5 replies)
... Nature's Green Stuff, Terramin etc. Each brand has it's own version of Bentonite clay which is dependent on where it is actually dug from. ... (342 replies)

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