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... Again, those in bold are disorders that I'm aware of that can have acne as a symptom. ... (110 replies)
... but some are also androgen antagonists. After all, if you can reduce the inflammation, most acne formation probably wouldn't result...but whatever we do use for this, antibiotics are NOT the solution. ... (21 replies)
... In acne we are concerned with 1 and 3....because SAMe is a METHYLATOR and is needed to DEACTIVATE histamine....if SAMe is low then HISTAMINE is high... ... (187 replies)

... Continuation of my post above.... I'm a big fan of recent studies, but these were rather shocking for me to come across as they are from almost 10 years ago (they go back further). I would've been 14 - 15 years old at the time these were published and if I had KNOWN, I would have avoided wheat, saturated fats, trans fats etc back then instead of having to wait until... (30 replies)
... I thought I'd make a list of products that work best to fight acne and the cause of acne. ... (1 replies)
... Those in bold are the ones that I'm aware of that can have acne as a symptom. ... (110 replies)
... advertised on television called Acne Statin. ... (40 replies)
... Leukotrienes that have been found in acne lesions. ... (110 replies)
... A couple of research abstracts that you may find interesting..... (187 replies)
... it really didn't sting or dry my skin out, so I think I'm a good match for this product. Also, does it prevent acne like BP? ... (3 replies)
... Basically started getting mild to moderate acne at 16. Didnt see a doctor until I was 21 and was put on clyndermycin which was amazing and cleared me up for 8 months. ... (429 replies)
Acne GONE!!!
Mar 21, 2004
... that cleared your face,miami skin too completely cleared for about a year the first go round on accutane.i thought i wasnt going to have to put up with acne anymore.WRONG!my acne came back and it was just as bad as before and the second time it didnt work at all. ... (6 replies)
... S seems to have more success amongst back acne sufferers than facial acne sufferers. ... (2 replies)
... I've had horrible back acne ever since my face flared up Freshman year in High School. I mean it was really bad. I'm 20 now and my back is almost completely clear. ... (5 replies)
... I have been using this facial scrub carley's clear and smooth for about a week and amazingly my small bumps are starting to vanish...its also great at controlling my acne...usually I would have a face full of big whiteheads but i only have 3 small ones, its convenient to use too, you only use it once a day and thats don;t use anything else with it...I still have oily... (15 replies)
... shoulders for 6 months on my hair. The funny thing is that my acne is worse around the hairline and on my back, where the shampoo runs down. It's a 2 in 1 plus I use more conditioner. ... (11 replies)
... hiii again everyone..yay yummy posts to it seems that in general i should wait about a month to see if I am really getting any major results..that can be done..hmm..maybe i shall try a 36 hour fast like lildaga says..haha man that 24hr one was so tough i hope i can do 36..just one question for lildaga..on your 2nd fast, which lasted 36hrs, did you get the mucous stool... (429 replies)
... zits on my rest of the face usually take 2 days to go away. On the nose i have to wait like at least a week... ... (2 replies)
... Maybe you want to try using a couple different shampoos with 2% zinc as opposed to h&s's 1%. DHS is a brand with 2%. Just a suggestion. (3 replies)
... Sorry to hear that. You sound pretty young. The best thing I can advise is please don't use all these miracle products out there that will wreck your skin later on. What sounds bad now could be a lot worse later on down the line if you use all different products. I even think that topical treatments that doctors advise you to use aren't right. But then eveyone has there on... (5 replies)

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