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... because it is not just histadelia that contributes to the imbalance. ... (187 replies)
... A GTT can be performed and show no abnormalities, if you are experiencing Stage I Insulin Resistance. ... (187 replies)
... genesis , such as stress, insulin resistance, candida,Histadelia and other imbalances in the thyroid etc, a highly processed carbohydrate diet etc etc.. ... (187 replies)

... your last point is a very good one..ALA probably works in many ways, antioxidant increasing insulin sensitivity, and as a positive modulator of PPARs. ... (187 replies)
... my advice would be to embark on the diet recommended in this thread and by sweetjade, to control insulin resistance, leaky gut and candiasis, while selecting appropriate supplementation based on the scientific evidence in this thread.. ... (187 replies)
... I am very glad that this regime has helped you, please continue it and im sure the results will get even better as they have for me..with regards to the energy and sleeping i have noticed the EXACT same thing, i also feel less depressed (which is a sign of histadelia), have much more you can see by the size of this post..and MUCH more energy... Please... (187 replies)
... DAILY. This makes so much sence for the treatment of histadelia, it cleans and regulates the mitochondra, cleans the liver, treats insulin resitance and lowers blood sugar..but is only effective at this minimum dose. ... (187 replies)
... genesis, such as PPARs, Insulin resistance..what is the relationship? ... (187 replies)
... If you control your carbohydrates then you will find that your metabolism balances anyway, due to less insulin flying around in your blood...also i have noticed since starting this that i sweat less, never get those awful hunger pains, im not so shaky etc..... ... (187 replies)
... i realise this is my third post in a row..but i had to comment on sweetjades brilliant post...after reading that (and the rest of the evidence in this thread) it is hard to see how anyone can refute that acne may be due to delayed inflammatory reactions all along and the 'androgen-paradigm' (excluding all those whose acne IS actually due to detectable PRIMARY... (187 replies)
... the above and links that due to chronic inflammation, over time, years, decades of DAMAGE you will develop health or metabolic problems such as Hyperandrogenism, Insulin Resistance, etc. ... (187 replies)
... sarah.. I havent heard that excess stomach acid is required to break down supplements..however..and some (probiotics) are better absorped with lower acid...however, acid is required to breakdown heavy well cooked red (although if you are serious about geting rid of acne u wont be eating this too often) you should supplement with enzymes (and HCL) Also if you... (187 replies)
... I understand a lot better now. I would be interested in knowing what you feel would be appropriate treatment, supplement intake, diet changes etc.,as a whole. In other words, what would be a good across the board, for any age group or gender, treatment, maintenance and/or prevention plan. If there is not one plan then what would be a plan, for example, for a woman who has... (187 replies)
... I have some important new infomation that i need to relay to you all regarding this theory. Firstly, it seems that h1 receptors (the ones that dilate blood vessels) are perhaps not involved. Rather that h2 receptors are the important receptors in acne-genesis. Before i present my research, i have a couple of thoughts i have been considering over the last few days. I... (187 replies)
... Furthermore, I've found quite a few articles regarding histadelia and well.... ... (187 replies)
... like I said, I'm certainly interested. I am wondering how you know about histadelia to begin with. Do you work in biochem or did you just do your own research, etc. ... (187 replies)

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