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... I'm actually referring to this (long but extremely interesting) thread: The thing is, that trying the recommended Ranitidine in the thread for just 3 days (it shouldn't be taken for a long period of time anyway) incredibly reduced my acne! Not only that, but it also gave me a lot more energy, very regular bowel... (1 replies)
... a histadelic metabolism is a catabolic one. ... (187 replies)
... tty much every symptom listed, and am very pleased on the research that has been done. If I remember correctly, inability to gain weight was one of the possible histadelic symptoms. ... (187 replies)

... basically, in a nut shell: How can I speed up my methylation? Assuming the theory is correct, I could: 1. cure my acne by doing it. 2. I could drop ALL supplements since a better methylation will a also process nutricients/vitamins/minerals/etc... better and won't be deficient anymore 3. gain pounds to attain a normal weight (1 replies)
... Hey everyone, My acne on my jawline/neck is getting worse and worse. I have no idea how to clear it up :(. I remembered that I started getting it when I started using progesterone cream. I kept reading so many good things about it that I decided to give it a try (my acne was actually pretty calm back then, but I wanted a "cure"). I tried it for about 3 months. I regret... (2 replies)
... What did you do?? I read that thread months and months ago, but there's so much info that I didn't even know exactly what to do. (7 replies)
... This has all been discussed before in a very long thread found here: they eventually found that alot of people that have acne and are thin are high histamine (histadelic) on page 10 (#49) of that thread one of the people comes up with a way of returning the levels to normal. since reading... (7 replies)
... I really don't know what kind. Sea salt just seems to have nothing but a negative effect, as does steaming. Before I started doing all that, I was using Sam-E, Alpha Lipoic Acid and MSM. Seemed to be working great. I just started it up again, this time I'll stick to it and nothing else. I met all the requirements of a histadelic, so.. yeah. (6 replies)
... The descriptions of a histadelic given in this thread describe me to a TEE! ... (187 replies)
... I'm not believing that theory. I was overweight for years, I had acne.. I put the effort into losing weight and now I'm average. I still have acne, so I don't think this can be right. There hasn't been any changes in my acne either, I've gone through periods where it cleared up completely, I don't know why, but it's back now and it's not good. (187 replies)
... Hey ErimusValidus, wanted to respond to you in my thoughts on zantac helping my constipation. First I want to say I don't know for sure why this is occuring but I have two ideas. First I read a little bit on the internet that high level of histamine may actually cause constipation. Second histamine is known to cause innflamatory problems throughout the body so maybe there... (187 replies)
... Wow, this certainly is a very interesting thread. I wonder what a dermatologist or doctor would have to say about it all if he/she read it from start to finish. I think kkpb was certainly onto something. What a shame he just suddenly disappeared into thin air! Well people, I've decided once and for all to see how much truth is in this theory since no one else appears to... (187 replies)
... o important as they help us create and metabolize B Vitamins. I suppose for those members that found that B6 didn't break them out...perhaps they were along the histadelic side of things. ... (187 replies)
... Do they have Type I Diabetes or Type II? Of course, either one doesn't matter, because some people just respond through their skin. We are SOOOO lucky, huh? ;-) (187 replies)
... not, nothing breaks them out. In fact my husband's family have a tendency towards diabetes, but all have flawless skin, i don't know how this plays out with the histadelic theory. ... (187 replies)
... Well you could, but after compiling a long list of them....some of it doesn't make sense. Of course a lot of people think it doesn't make sense to avoid the foods that I do, but it's no where near the extent that an Anti-Histamine (histidine) diet is. Of course this is IF you are a Histadelic. If you aren't, then those foods for that particular reason wouldn't be an issue.... (187 replies)
... smite... Sorry ive been away a few days...but there are a few questions here Firstly to smite..i think that you will see the best results when you start to control any insulin resistance that you may have as well as any digestive issues (intestinal hyperperameability) in addition to the histadelia..They are all important contributors to the immune imbalance that... (187 replies)
... I did have a question for kkpb or anyone else regarding the histadelic metabolism though. ... (187 replies)
... Well try it and less us know how it goes. As for the trouble sleeping/insomnia this can be a symptom of PCOS/IR and so can feeling sleeping after eating (high) carbohydrate meals. Some members find that they can handle it, remove the brain fog, and decrease breakouts when they take ALA or the right form of K-RALA 15 minutes before their highest carb meal. (187 replies)
... I think there is some confusion in what is going on here, i will do my best to clear it up, but my main summary is still in the pipeline... The confusion has occured due to the way in which the thread has see, the thread started with the observation that a significant proportion of acne sufferers had the signs and symptoms of histadelia. THIS is NOT a cause... (187 replies)

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