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... Well I had this zit on my face. I think you call it a postule? ... (4 replies)
... You don't need any neosporin on it so ignore that person. OMG!! Don't use aspirin mask along with proactive, your face will be so dried out and you'll peel and that is bad. Acne in general is a pustule. ... (4 replies)
... I've been noticing for the past few months now that I am getting small holes on my cheeks. It seems as if they come out of nowhere. I don't have any acne problems. ... (5 replies)

... Put some Neosporin or Polysporin on the hole. It could help closing it, but might not completely when the hole is huge. Aspirin mask may also help. ... (4 replies)
... I'm so sad. I got a biopsy of things I have that look like acne, but aren't. They don't know what it is. I've had them for years. Now, there's a hole in my face where the growth was. ... (5 replies)
... Well to be more concise, I had what appeared to me to be a blackhead, He prescribed me tazorac and it didnt help remov it did help other areas thought, I pointed it out to him and he looked at it then grabed a scapel/point blade object and started poking, it bleed a bit. I asked if he was doing more harm than good and he said it will help. I do not know if he got any thing... (7 replies)
Large pores
Nov 11, 2003
... So basically, the diameter was comparable to a regular wooden toothpick. I don't know if yours is that big or not. But mine was, as you described yours, a hole in my face, literally. ... (5 replies)
A little help
Mar 25, 2002
... zone, about two weeks ago went to my derm and he expressed a clogged pore on my cheeck. ... (0 replies)
... those on my nose and cheek areas since these were the oilest parts. ... (12 replies)
... B4 I take my shower to get ready to go. I dip a stick pin in peroxide and super gently, poke it into the tip of the pimple. Just just to say I did it. then I take my shower as usual. ... (5 replies)
... hours after cleansing. or removing my cetaphil and eucerin oil free facial moisturizers. ... (0 replies)
... hey, on both sides of my cheek i get huge bumps....a number of um, maybe 3 on my left and 3 on my right....and they wont go away unless i pop them...sorry if it sounds gross...but a large amount of pss and blood come out of em. ... (1 replies)
... and how because of this my relationship with my friends, family, and my fiancee were suffering. ... (1 replies)
... Thank you very much. :) I've been drinking a lot of coffee lately with sugar. So I'm guessing that aided the problem. So no more coffee for me. (4 replies)
... just let it be, most likely it will close up overnight. i have had many, its just where the debris was clogged up, but it will close up. its pustule by the way :) (4 replies)
Jun 10, 2003
... Sometimes when I had a GIANT zit and was scared that it would grow more by morning, I would dream that it grew and I popped it and it left a gaping hole in my face. UGH!! Those dreams seemed SOOOOOO realistic!! ... (7 replies)
Just wondering
Feb 16, 2001
... hi, Ruffeo, yes I do that too but then it leaves a nasty scar (hole in my face) How do you get around not scarring? (3 replies)
... Uhhhhgggg !! I've had blackheads on my nose and chin for 10 years !! ... (0 replies)
... they sound like milia to me. google it. there's one website that tells you how to extract them. I have little ones all over my cheeks but a few years ago I had a big one, about the size of a raindrop on my right cheek, near my upper cheekbone and it stayed for 2 years. ... (21 replies)
... After using the fake store brand from Walmart, my eyes were swollen and the skin peeled off my eyelids. Ouch! I couldn't wear any makeup for days until it healed. ... (5 replies)

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