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... but some are also androgen antagonists. After all, if you can reduce the inflammation, most acne formation probably wouldn't result...but whatever we do use for this, antibiotics are NOT the solution. ... (21 replies)
... Again, those in bold are disorders that I'm aware of that can have acne as a symptom. ... (110 replies)
... How's of acne, but also the mechanisms of successful treatment methods. ... (97 replies)

... Continuation of my post above.... I'm a big fan of recent studies, but these were rather shocking for me to come across as they are from almost 10 years ago (they go back further). I would've been 14 - 15 years old at the time these were published and if I had KNOWN, I would have avoided wheat, saturated fats, trans fats etc back then instead of having to wait until... (30 replies)
... We conclude that metformin treatment combined with a hypocaloric diet leads to reduced FT levels in obese nondiabetic men and to reduced TT levels in obese men with type 2 diabetes. Increased SHBG levels may account for the decrease in FT levels in the former group. ... (18 replies)
... eliminate a type of acne for them, so I suppose even if you do have a hormonal disorder you could try it. At the same time, usually if you just treat your hormnal disoder.... ... (14 replies)
... initiate acne production. "Bread" as in Wheat, as this is primarily what is used when we speak of Flour, Bread, Pasta, etc. ... (11 replies)
Myths about Acne
Oct 1, 2003
... Nothing. There's no real correlation. They're both myths, like many of the statements below. Get the facts on acne and clear up the confusion. ... (0 replies)
... Yes, we all have some form of acne on this board but I guarentee you that we all have dozens of reasons why. For me it is a ongoing hormonal disorder vs. ... (23 replies)
... without changing your the normal hormone levels in your body. ... (14 replies)
... of all acne cases. The exceptions would be those that have an allergy to a food or skin care ingredient. ... (3 replies)
... were wrong, WHY are doctors giving women and men Insulin Sensitizing drugs to lower their androgen production clears their acne? ... (54 replies)
... It has been promoted for treatment for men who have benign prostrate problems. ... (36 replies)
... when you have normal hormone levels but increases Follicular Sensitivity and usually increased DHT production in the hair follicles. ... (15 replies)
Sugar Sugar!
Nov 18, 2004
... For those interested, there have been several editorials and comments regarding Loren Cordains observations which he published under two studies, one of which I posted on earlier titled: Hyperinsulinemic Diseases of Civilization: More Than Just Syndrome X (2002) While most are in favor, this is one posted by a female dermatologist that I think goes over both sides of the... (125 replies)
... at there is painful surgery to remove your man parts and make them women parts. The grass always seems greener on the other side, but being a woman doesn't make acne any easier or alleviate the problem any better. ... (37 replies)
Western Diet.
Dec 12, 2002
... universal skin disease afflicting 79 percent to 95 percent of the adolescent population. Of men and women over the age of 25, 40 percent to 54 percent have some degree of facial acne. ... (0 replies)
... Hey 21 glad to see you are still "fighting". How's the accutane treatment going? ... (22 replies)
... Personally as a woman, I would LOVE if men could be more sensitive, but I've learned that males are actually MUCH more emotionally senstive than women are already. ... (18 replies)
... in their blood. If the doctors had any smarts, they would be giving men showing enlarged prostates, bromocryptine maleate to suppress prolactin. ... (11 replies)

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