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... of acne sufferers merely are just SENSITIVE to "regular" amounts of androgen hormones and the rest of us actually do produce too much hormones. Thus why most acne sufferers skin usually calms back down once puberty is over. ... (80 replies)
... That describes me for most of my life, except I always washed my hair in the morning. I could not make it through the day otherwise. ... (12 replies)
... t is the case, but that is so close to borderline that some days you may actually go over that number. Free T refers to the amount of Androgens that are unbound and free to be active in your system. ... (80 replies)

... I've had acne, lots of hair, mood swings and other crap for years now. The thing is that I NEVER thought I had PCOS becuz my periods are REGULAR and i'm SKINNY!!! sometimes even UNDERWEIGHT!!!! I'm still not convinced I have PCO, because its atypical. ... (80 replies)
... Hi, i found this thread and decided to check my hormones. ... (80 replies)
... It has to do with your adrenal gland and as such, theoretically you would have high DHEA levels and possibly Low Corisol levels. Did you get your cortisol checked? ... (80 replies)
... I noticed that I had more hair on my arms and legs than my friends. By 14 I began to have moderate acne. It got progressively worse through the years. I began my period at 15 and they were usually painful. ... (80 replies)
Male and Hormones
Mar 11, 2002
... excessive facial hair, oily skin and thinning hair on my head. I know women can take birth control pills and diane35 to control hormones, but was curious what males can take. I think I will try the palmetto, thanks! ... (5 replies)
... I have suffered from acne since I was 12, I'm now 23. My entire face was always broken out and I got horrible cysts that would stay for over a year. I tried everything and nothing ever worked until I took accutane when I was 20. ... (80 replies)
... the less body hair I produce. ... (80 replies)
... An Endocrinologist is trained to recognize metabolic disorders and as such this is the type of doctor you want to visit. ... (80 replies)
... It sounds like you should get to an Endocrinologist as soon as possible. You must first make sure that your hormones are in check. If your hormones are in check I would probably opt for Spironolactone, and a diet change if you haven't tried this already. The Spiro. ... (17 replies)
... And yes, having too many male hormones can keep you from getting pregnant or could cause you to miscarry. My endo was TOTALLY surprised that I had been able to get pregnant. ... (80 replies)
Jan 14, 2005
... I've read that SP can lower DHT (the variant of testosterone that causes male-pattern hair loss, oily skin, and peach fuzz in women). Alot of men take it for prostate problems (gross, I know). Vitex is supposed to regulate the menstrual cycle in women by increasing LH or something...not sure. (4 replies)
... so you think i should do the free, the DHEA and all the other ones you mentioned? ... (80 replies)
... yeah dont go to anyone who doesnt take you seriously!!! a doctor should never roll their eyes like that no matter what! if you want a hormone test and you can pay for one, they should do it ,and thats it! ... (80 replies)
... You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about getting your hormones checked. While hirsutism can be normal in certain ethnicities it does not "come with age" or any of that bullshit. ... (80 replies)
... and I had VERY HIGH levels of Free T and DHEA! Other women have similar readings. Total Testosterone is not an accurate account of your androgen levels, so definately go back and get the rest checked. ... (80 replies)
... Get a NEW doctor. The fact that you have both acne, hirsutism, and 2 miscarriages (can be a sign) means that you could have an underlying hormonal problem. I can't believe that a woman doctor could be so insensitive! (80 replies)
... but i did ask my doctor to test my hormones, and she refused! i have also asked to be refered to an endocrinologist, which she also refused. ... (80 replies)

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