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Adult cystic acne?
May 27, 2009
... thank you! have never heard of this procedure but will definitely investigate. the cystic acne, ironically has decreased since i submitted that post. ... (6 replies)
... I too, developed horrible cystic acne in my late 20's. ... (6 replies)
... never had acne until I got the Norplant birth control 10 years ago. ... (15 replies)

Adult Acne
Dec 30, 2004
... Within a couple of weeks my face broke out in one of the WORST episodes of cystic acne ever! Of course I ceased the CortiSlim, and my doctor out me on blood pressure medicine. ... (73 replies)
Hormonal Acne
Aug 11, 2005
... Yup, I have that. Mine is cystic acne. However, for me the cysts don't usually turn into whiteheads, they are just very hard and painful cysts that take longer to go away. ... (5 replies)
... It really varies from person to person... I was very lucky, even though I had horrible, painful cystic acne, mine started to improve by the end of the first month. I have read that for some people it was much later though. ... (20 replies)
... I have suffered for the last 8 years with horrible cystic acne. My skin is dark so it would also leave ugly scars. It started when I was about 35. I have always had very oily skin. ... (3 replies)
AR Creme
Jun 12, 2009
... Hi Falcor, I tried this product last year. I had very bad adult cystic acne. And, turns out after using it for 3 weeks, a sensitivity to Sulphur! Bad news for me... ... (1 replies)
Severe Adult Acne
Dec 30, 2006
... The antibiotics can cause Candida imbalances which can cause acne too. So cutting out the sugar means you aren't feeding the yeast. ... (15 replies)
... While I went through my own trials and tribulations with acne years ago, now at age 51 it's no longer attacking my face, but I'm heartbroken over what it's doing to my daughter. ... (41 replies)
... My take is that you have a good chance of outgrowing acne. I think men, in general, have a good chance of outgrowing acne versus women. The reason I feel this way is because a man's hormones don't fluctuate throughout life as much as a woman's hormones do. ... (18 replies)
... This simply is not true. Trust me, at my age, acne should have been gone years ago. There are plenty of people on these boards who suffer from persistent adult acne that simply does not respond to any other treatments. For us, accutane is a lifesaver. ... (10 replies)
... I recently developed adult acne, and it was the most horrible experience of my life. I went to the dermatologist asap for these continuous cystic acne around the jaw line. I recently got doxycyline from one doctor then got spironolactone from another doctor along with Differen gel. ... (1 replies)
Clearasil Total
Sep 30, 2003
... ng a new marketing strategy to increase use with people over twenty because it is often thought of as a 'teen'thing, like oxy. Most teens don't have hormonal or cystic acne so drying it out works great for them. For us older folks with less resistant skin, those products can be really harsh. ... (5 replies)
... I feel your pain. I had terrible cystic acne throughout high school. It was horrible. ... (2 replies)
... in a year...My acne came back with each one..I have inherited the gene for cystic adult acne from my grandfathers and it has only occured on my face...My acne is completely under control only exception being my PMS days I will get 1or2 small papules... ... (10 replies)
... hen, it stopped getting better. So next, and for the past 3 weeks, I have been on 20 mgs of Accutane. This has been awesome. I have been experiencing a massive cystic initial breakout, but it's more or less gone now, and i'm moving up to 40 mgs on June 6th. ... (8 replies)
Who's over 20?
May 29, 2005
... I am 26. I had perfect skin until the age of 17. i have had horrible acne since. I jsut recently got the cystic type and went on accutane. It seems every woman in my family has adult acne. Fun times! ... (21 replies)
... cystic adult acne hit. ... (20 replies)
... It's working great! I'm in week 5 and haven't had too many horrible side effects. My lips are a little dry, buy that's easily remedied with Aquaphor or another chapped lip product. ... (5 replies)

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