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... I have these big blackheads on my nose. I mean, they are not specs. They are big, like protruding. THere are two close together, so they look awful!! ... (4 replies)
... However, I have this theory. I've been noticing these 'bumps' at certain places around my face. They are kind of crossed between blackheads and whiteheads. All I could decribe them as is as if it were my pores pushing everything out. ... (0 replies)
... What kind of scarring do you have? ... (14 replies)

... i have blackheads not normal big ones tiny tiny little ones all over my forehead and after about 2 days they get bigger and i dont know what to do to get them out! i have squeezed lots out but there are just so many! i dont get pimples at all and my skin would be perfect if i didnt have these darn blackheads! ... (2 replies)
Jan 27, 2003
... How do you get those little blackheads off of your nose? ... (10 replies)
... I was just wondering if anyone know of any ways to get rid of those little blackheads that cover your nose. Over the past few weeks I have noticed a big increase in the amount of them on my nose. I know that I can squeeze them and a kindoff puss type substance comes out the pore. ... (28 replies)
... Since the nose naturally is a more oily part of your face, I think we're just stuck with them. Even if I don't have blackheads on my nose, my pores are pretty big and I don't like it. I have heard that the neutrogena pore refining products help make them smaller. ... (28 replies)
... allows easier removal. Those big unsightly holes are enlarged pores that have been clogged and stretched. They longer they go without being deep cleaned the bigger they get. ... (28 replies)
... ive had acne 4 ova a year, but im left wiv scars 2 remind me how anoying!! ive got this big fat red scar aswell, and it just sits in the middle of my face and stands out from the rest! ... (7 replies)
Do Nothing!
Dec 29, 2001
... Where do you get that? ... (50 replies)
... They work pretty well for me. I mean you can see them slightly, but you would really have to be looking, and it's a big improvement on how it would look normally. I am also a girl, so I can easily just put some foundation or powder over it, so then it's really not noticeable. ... (28 replies)
I'm cursed!
Oct 26, 2004
... I have very oily skin. I have dry spots on my cheeks so I guess I have combo skin. My skin is not sensitive. What could I do to get rid of the excess oil? ... (10 replies)
... I called my doctors office. He is out of town until Thursday. I was able to talk to his nurse. She said that the blackheads would probably come up to the surface more with the peel. She suggested that you get them out or have a facial before your peel. ... (14 replies)
... eady to come out. this thing is pretty big... i usually just wait for my blackheads to come out enough to where they are easily rubbed or pinched or whatever to get them out easily, but i have no idea how big this thing is going to be when it is 'ready' and am scared it will leave a huge mark. ... (0 replies)
... time. I have these weird bumps that are kind of white and black or a mix or just single colored. They are literally bumps, not like reguler zits that are easy to get rid of. I mean they look like white heads except they are quite da.. hard and I don't want to just squeeze hard to take them away. ... (0 replies)
This works for me!
Feb 15, 2004
... T DO IT. ... (0 replies)
... and I don't usually get too many huge cystic pimples. Maybe a couple a month. But to me, my skin is HORRIBLE! ... (8 replies)
... The product I've found really effective is a clay mask, I get it at this specilty clinic I go to. ... (5 replies)
It's Now or Never!
Apr 27, 2004
... Yeh, I was kinda hoping that with my improved diet, my oil production would decrease but it hasn't unfortunately. I do use fabric softener to wash my duvet covers and pillow cases, however I sleep on my back so my face hardly ever touches them. ... (342 replies)
Nov 10, 2004
... My face didn't look so bad when you looked at me straight on, but if you caught me from the side, you could see the really bumpy texture of my skin. Do you have them on your upper cheeks? ... (6 replies)

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