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... im not so sure is accutane is really all that good...maybe if differin doesnt work for you in about 1 month you should try it. ... (8 replies)
Which is better?
Apr 21, 2005
... Like Crossbow said, you'll have to try them to see how they work for you. ... (3 replies)
... What kind of dosage were you on on Accutane?? When did you notice the depression from it? Im glad you pulled through. 11 months seems like a really long time. The reccomended time is maximum 6 months... So maybe that is why you suffered those effects? Im not saying you should try accutane again, but I think at a different dosage, for a shorter amount of time..maybe it... (8 replies)

Differin Cream
Jan 18, 2005
... started using this about 2 months ago, no results yet...just wondering if any1 else uses this. if so does it work, how long does it take... ... (14 replies)
... My dermo gave me samples wonderirg how they work...their main ingedinets are sodium sulfetimicide and sulfur..any luck with them? ... (0 replies)
... So you use a moisturizer over the cream? (13 replies)
... That all makes sense. What if a moisturizer is used over it...will that prevent it from working? (13 replies)
... I have been on it for about 8 weeks now and today is the first day in YEARS that I have woken up without a single pimple on my face. I love the stuff and will never go off of it. My derm told me that over time it takes off the old dead layer of skin which helps the pores not get clogged. (13 replies)
... Hi everyone, I recently went to see my dermatologist. I was an Accutane user 2 years ago, and my skin has improved (went from severe to now moderate). I asked what I could do since I have been breaking out alot lately. My dermatologist suggested that I continue using Differin and Clindoxyl (alternate each night) and just give it some time. I think I broke out alot... (9 replies)
... I dealt with it throughout my teen years and I tried EVERYTHING on the market! Everything from Neutrogena to Differin Gel. Nothing would work! And I'd have this really weird urge to pick at 'em! Finally..I tried 'Accutane'. ... (0 replies)
... pea, how long did differin work for you? ... (1 replies)
... he told me, accutane is the only thing to clear up acne forever, but that it is not for me. Why not, I said. He re plied, let's try minocycline for nine days, differin gel and benzaclyn for four months. But I have already tried all kinds of topical things and it does not work for me. ... (7 replies)
... it's worked for me for about a year and a half. i'm completely clear, but thanx to differin i have scarring and my skin tone needs to be evened out. ... (10 replies)
Originally posted by *TeEnY*: how long did it take to see the results?
it took as little as a week to see results but you have to stick to it or it wont work and dont give up becuase it will get worse at first but then it clears up and might I add it feel good to have clear skin again (7 replies)
... But i am now on Accutane and acn is dimshing with very little scars. Differin is also another choice for acne that is not so severe. ... (4 replies)
... he advice..I guess I always am looking for the fastest way to clear up and I forget it takes months...its just Ive tried so many things and nothing ever seems to work for the way how do u attach pics on here? ... (11 replies)
... my face but the irony is my forehead is completely clear....i've been to like 4 dermatologists ...tried retin A , differin, all the usually acne stuff...and they work for a time but it always comes back.....even glycolic peels and vitamin treatments..i have lots of dark scars.....i'm starting university soon... ... (15 replies)
... i am also using differin gel which has also helped with reducing the number of blackheads on my face, but i dont put any on my nose cuz it is too drying for me..... ... (28 replies)
It's Now or Never!
Apr 26, 2004
... Get home from work and take 3rd dose an hour before dinner. ... (342 replies)
... You know how they say this soap, that soap can clear your scars? ... (4 replies)

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