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Tanning and acne
May 2, 2003
... Hi Sunkissed! I TOTALLY know what you are talking about. I am 30 now but back in my teens and early twenties, I would always lay out in the sun because of the positive effect it had on my acne. And, the pool water's chemicals are so drying that it would dry up my face. ... (15 replies)
... Well, you know what? ... (55 replies)
... u so much! and who doesn't ridicule you over acne. he realizes it bothers you and doesn't tell you why it shouldn't, he just lets you deal. i'm so happy for you! i hope to one day have a "significant other", but i'm not what you would call a typical woman. ... (5 replies)

... Hi everyone. I see tons of new people, so most of you prolly don't even remember me! ... (5 replies)
... Thank you guys for all your support and stories... I feel like I'm def. not battling this alone... It helps to know that I'm not the only one who obsesses as much as I do. ... (32 replies)
... Antibiotics and harsh topicals aren't the only treatments. I'd like to believe those antibiotics help someone or doctors wouldn't keep prescibing them. I suspect that they help typical teenage acne that was going to clear up soon anyway. ... (16 replies)
... mellia oil because of researching this board and its archives and two different websites and hundreds of testimonials and another message board website. At first I thought it was just hype, but you know what? ... (10 replies)
... Bravo, to you and the crew all around here who stand behind their own and give support and encouragement. That was a bold step and I am so proud of you. ... (25 replies)
... you have been too honest, and told people the truth. The truth, of course, is that there is no universal answer that encompasses everyone. ... (21 replies)
... I have gotten a new pimple under my chin, right side. ... (61 replies)
Hey L. and Dshel.
Jun 18, 2003
... well, i am not any more confident in my skin or this stuff, until i start to see something positive happening, but i don't even know if that is possible with my face anymore....i emailed my derm. ... (28 replies)
To laur
Jun 11, 2003
... last night was horrible and today is too. I got in a horrific fight with my parents about me being so upset. I just don't know what else to do because my face is not clearing on the tazorac and it has been 8 weeks and nothing has surfaced as far as all those deep whiteheads and blackheads go. ... (8 replies)
... Here's my story i'm a 25 year old asian male with mild to moderate but persistent acne on my face. Now on my back I also get acne although they are never anything big, but over the years they have left black marks..yuck. ... (6 replies)
... i have been on accutane, and my oil is coming back. i have a derm appt on mon, and i now need to know what to do when i go there. she told me if accutane didn't work, she would prescribe me spiro, but don't know what to expect. ... (3 replies)
... can't believe I read the whole thing. ... (429 replies)
... I posted about aloe vera being my miracle cure. I didn't post back because I was on vacation. ... (18 replies)
... Im on Ortho Tri Cyclen LO and It has been really roller Coastery the 1st month, I just started the new cycle day before yesterday. One thing I notice is my zits are coming to a head so I can pop them sooner. I dont know if its from the BC or this new face wash and stuff Im using. ... (7 replies)
Tanning and acne
May 5, 2003
... If the taz doesn't work, and you're aware of the side effects, than you should go on the accutane if it's that important to you. You are an adult, and you can stop. I know they use a low dosage in Europe, and my derm mentioned something about it. ... (15 replies)
... YEah look sorry bout that message last night was just in rage because my weekend had been ruined again by my face...and that is only because I let it happen. I really probably don't have that bad a case of just seems like it to me. ... (4 replies)

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