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... we'll all have good results like Mickey. I can't wait for two months to pass so I can see my results. ... (184 replies)
... fferent. some people's skin may heal super fast, and others may take 2 or 3 times longer to heal the exact same blemish under the exact same conditions. and just like "livenlearn" said, no matter who you are or what skin type you have, picking can definitely increase your chances of scarring. ... (5 replies)
... OK, well it really surprises me that Proactive is so popular considering that it does use BP to treat acne. ... (38 replies)

... BUT WHAT WAS HORRIBLE was as an experiment i tried using the acne cure and substituting retina. Never do this. My face had a terrible reaction and I got blisters and scabs everywhere. ... (15 replies)
... I decided to repost this for those interested in exfoliating scars and lightening blemishes. Remember eliminating acne is half the battle for some. The other half occurs when you get marks leftover. ... (5 replies)
... Here is an update. My son is having his 7th treatment today, so it is his 4th and final week. He is doing great! As far as scars and pitting is concerned, it does seem to help both. I studied his face really good over the weekend because he told me that he felt that his face was the best that it had ever been. ... (16 replies)
... I am considering this. I am just getting my acne under control and am now looking into getting nicer skin. My skin is pale and not very smooth. Definately acne scars and some icepick, but not terrible, except between my eyes. The pores around my upper cheeks are very enlarged and some may be scarred. ... (3 replies)
... Of all of the posts I've read, Phillaser has given the best of advice.. In the old days, the process was done using sandpaper. Scars on the face are like scratches on wood. Sanding the surface eventually brings the surface down to the depths of the scratch, and it's gone. ... (9 replies)
Feeling ugly
Jun 15, 2007
... It really does suck having acne. I dread getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror. I hate how people don't see it as a big deal. ... (12 replies)
... knows where, and I decided to go on a diet over the summer and exercise every day. It was a struggle, but I lost 30 pounds, and once school started everyone was like "WOW! Howd you lose so much weight? ... (2 replies)
... You know how they say this soap, that soap can clear your scars? ... (4 replies)
I'm begging you!!
Mar 31, 2003
... THATS CUZ I HAVE BEEN USING BENZYL PEROXIDE for my entire acne career. and it killed my skin!! it turned it kinda dark and dry and when it killed a zit, it turns it black and leaves a big black scar. yo it sucks. ... (5 replies)
... As I work for a makeup company, I know alot about different kinds of products. I also have acne, and have suffered from the scars and breakouts for like 4 years. I promise, these products DO NOT break me out, and I have sensitive skin that is prone to break out with use of new products. ... (18 replies)
... and as you've seen, if I hear of anything new, I try that too. I could be a Paula Begoun and write my own book on acne products and rate them! ... (1 replies)
... PICKING!!!! I've never really had BAD zits but I did pick this one before it even had a head. It was the kind that HURT really bad and made my entire nose red like BOZO the clown!!! ... (71 replies)
... Hyperpigmentation can very well turn into a pit or 'scar' if you just sit there and wait for it to turn into perfect skin. Like most all the replies to this thread said, its a big deal to us. ... (11 replies)
... just a little tiny bit goes a long long way. The M.A.D. is skin "repair" and is to promote healthier skin, and for me, it DOES poof out fine wrinkles over time. Then she follows with her moisturizer when she needs one. ... (48 replies)
... make your skin look bad. I used to do this in the years that I had acne. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks for caring.. Yeah, scars suck and I'm still in the process of accepting them. My friends try to be nice and pretend like they don't exist, but they don't realize that the pain my complexion causes me can be intolerable. ... (6 replies)
... the main thing is, the few that I get don't look that bad at all, because my complexion is so much... better. ... (10 replies)

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