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... The internet is an amazing source of information and indeed misinformation and fraud. If you know how to use it wisely, and believe me I do, although I wish I could do it a bit better, you can find credible information for what you are looking for. ... (49 replies)
... Telling people that changing a diet will alleviate the symptoms of acne is just about as bad as telling an overweight person that changing their diet will make them skinny. No matter how much this overwight person wants to be skinny, it's still TOO FREAKIN HARD. ... (53 replies)
... Thank you. I was tempted about 5 miniutes ago by that Tony's Pizza... it tastes so good, but I was looking at it... you can just tell how horrible it is for you. I passed by it with my mixed green salad with broccoli sprouts. I was SO CLOSE to grabbing a piece! I just said "No" and walked away. ... (37 replies)

... Excellent post, and very true!! Of course, the people who could really benefit from trying out a serious change in diet are often the people most resistant to doing it. ... (49 replies)
... I can assure you that you can consume as many calories as you want eating this way. It's not as restrictive as you think. ... (37 replies)
... Keep your chin up. I've had setbacks too on this thing. It's hard to know what's in everything you're eating. Some people like lindam, don't need to be as strict on the diet, but others it seems do. I'm one of the unlucky ones that seems to need to keep it really clean. ... (37 replies)
... cocoa chocolate and occasionally coconut muffins in ziploc baggies in my purse. If you're a younger guy I know this diet is 100 times harder than it is for me. All I can do is give you encouragement, that if you work through it and develop a routine you can make it work for you. ... (37 replies)
... we all know what and what not to eat. That article didn't even mention acne, or at least I don't think it did, I didn't read through it. I just don't like when people tag certain foods acne "triggerers", when there is no real empirical evidence of it, unless you are infact allergic to it. ... (49 replies)
... Grapes are causing a problem??? ..... I don't get this. (37 replies)
... book in that he doesn't suggest a daily regimen or offer any kind of guide as to how much food you will typically take in each day while adhering to the initial 30 days. ... (37 replies)
... I was alost at the point of quitting my crusade cause so many folks on these boards are fixated on drugs or topicals. ... (37 replies)
... Do you know how many people engage in bad eating habits? ... (49 replies)
... he same at that time. I have been thin my entire life I am 34. I was only 135 lbs for about 6 months. Not sure why my weight went up really. I was working around people who ate all day long so I guess some of that rubbed of on me. ... (93 replies)
... think it helps to snack on fruit and veggies before you get hungry. When you are hungry, you aren't going to crave fruit. I also snack on nuts, but I know some people need to avoid those. ... (37 replies)
... sugars. If that's not enough then you may want to also give up more saturated fats and Wheat, Gluten or All grains. In General it's been found that having a diet low in fiber will cause a lot of health problems. ... (93 replies)
... everything you said make sense. and i guess what i took out of it was that instead of the food making me fat, it metabolized the fat... ... (93 replies)
... can aggravate acne. Zinc raises testosterone, B's can make acne worse and too much vitamin a can be bad for the skin. These are just some examples. ... (36 replies)
... hey do not trigger your acne unless your allergic to it. It's common knowledge that they're bad for you, especially if you eat them on a daily basis. Do you know how many people engage in bad eating habits? ... (49 replies)
... I had moderate acne for the past 10 years or so. I have been on two courses of Accutane, but after I was off for a few months I begin having acne again. I recently found this site, and have put together my own regime from everything I have read. First, I run about 3-4 mi./day, and allow my skin to sweat out the impurities. I use the Neutrogena acne wash, (the goldish color... (36 replies)
... You take it for granted, as you should. We aren't meant to even pay attention to these things. In this world, that we've created, we must, though. There are so many people who are suffering in this world, but there are so many people who are NEEDLESSLY suffering in this world. ... (29 replies)

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