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... seeds diet and I can never make it more than three days before I wind up giving up and eating every piece of junk food in sight. ... (49 replies)
... I was reading about wheatgrass last week and never realised how amazing it is! It has millions of enzymes, antioxidants, proteins, fats etc. and caused me to consider getting some... ... (342 replies)
Eggs okay to eat??
Feb 12, 2004
... everyones body is not efficient in digesting these types of foods and that your body will eventually attempt to eliminate them through the skin. Whether this is how it works, I am not sure. The one thing I do know is there a definite connection between my acne and dairy. ... (7 replies)

... t have a problem with her acne, make sure she really understands that and make her feel comfortable around you so she is not ashamed. ... (1 replies)
... Well how do you know that if you won't go to a derm or try anything new for your skin? ... (21 replies)
... (17 replies)
... ont know what to contribute the success to. it could be the fact that i masturbate only once a week now compared to 3 times a day, it could be due to a change in diet or it could just be that my hormones are more well behaved now. or maybe all of the above who knows. ... (8 replies)
Fix my face.
Jan 16, 2006
... i know how frustrating it is to deal with acne... if only i had magic, that's the number 1 thing i'm going to do... banish acne from every single face in the world. ... (2 replies)
Sugar Sugar!
Nov 11, 2004
... developement does have a bit do with how much easier it is to continue living the way that we do. ... (125 replies)
... What I found the most interesting about this thread is how some keep talking about guilt. Do you honestly feel guilty about eating something because you are unsure or afraid of the consequences? ... (20 replies)
... I leave with that, from what I can see its an all vegetarian diet with a load of herbs thrown in. Not something any human should eat. ... (18 replies)
Why no cure?
Mar 28, 2004
... lem. If you aren't aware, then there's nothing to "change". In this sense, the problem is that the majority of the population are not fully, conciously aware of how much of an impact our dietary choices have on our health. ... (89 replies)
... and so I stopped it. While SCIENCE and other Former Acne Sufferers TESTIMONIES said that changing your diet to a Hormonal Balancing Diet one would clear you, I was still soo afraid that I was going to breakout. I was in the midst of my Breakout Cycle and .....nothing bad happened. ... (17 replies)
... u STILL have even ONE ingredient in there that aggrevates YOUR system, then it won't work properly! Hmm...I guess that's why some of you give up and decide that diet doesn't work for you. ... (49 replies)
Sugar Sugar!
Nov 11, 2004
... had a significantly lower number of people with acne, i mean hardly anyone has acne there, especially people in african tribes and indian tribes...they attribued this to all natural foods they ate and the lack of processed foods which Americans have. ... (125 replies)
... but I don't know how you accomplished this feat. ... (111 replies)
... So with the above knowledege, perhaps you can understand how it is possible for us as acne sufferers, to have problems with at least ONE food item. ... (48 replies)
... You're stuck right there with us in the labyrinth that is the diet and acne connection. Unfortunately, there are some things that are conflicting, some people can eat one thing and another person can't. So with that said, my best advice to you is to start by eliminating the known offenders and going from there. ... (10 replies)
... Okay I couldn't find the old threads about the whole dieting thing so decided to make a new one... ... (19 replies)
... prone food to make people more aware. ... (39 replies)

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