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Jun 20, 2003
... Well, I have to say, yesterday after a qhile I got a great compliment from someone who had not seen me in months. She was like "Wow, you look beautiful. Something is different about you...". Well, I know what is different! My skin is a lot better! OK a little bit of history. ... (5 replies)
... Ohmyface and bama37... why did you guys go off the bc pill? ... (22 replies)
... Does using proactive solutions during the day help fade the acne marks and maybe even out the skin? ... (2 replies)

... i can relate to how much your skin condition affects everyday life. ... (19 replies)
... I have plenty of questions myself about it, but I've been doing some research. ... (14 replies)
Jan 11, 2001
... I have never used Accutane, but have read with interest the various good and bad replies by people who have. I for one would not use it... ... (4 replies)
... I am so sorry you have gone through this kind of pain. And I completely understand how it feels. I agree that others just do not understand what a toll acne and acne scars takes on your very soul. ... (13 replies)
... I've never been to the derm before and I'm thinking of finally scheduling an appointment. ... (4 replies)
... Hi everyone. So I've finally made my decision to go on accutane. I've been contemplating about this decision for so long now and I feel like it's time that I make the leap. ... (3 replies)
... I put quite a bit of day moisturizer and nightime gel on my face to compensate for my pore size and it seems to work very well. ... (0 replies)
... hello, i cant say i know exactly how you feel because i have acne only on my face but it isnt even that bad compared to others. But i do know how it feels waking up in the morning and having a bad breakout and me having to stay home cuz im to paranoid of what others will think. ... (4 replies)
... Again, i never said this is a cure. However it IS for everyone, mainly the not squeezing. Much of the acne you get is from past times of squeezing the bacteria down further. This is why you start getting more red and inflamed pimples and even cysts. ... (18 replies)
... Hi Blitz. I definitely understand your nervousness, I have had so many dermatology appointments over the the years it's incredible. And no two have ever been the same for me. All doctors are different and you're not sure quite what to expect... I still get kind of nervous sometimes. ... (2 replies)
... Well I think guys are more confident, cuz lets face it they dont look as bad with scars on there face, as girls. The media is always brainwashing us that we have to look a certain way, and I just don't think guys have it as bad. But im not a guy, maybe they do. You know better then me, youre a guy. ... (35 replies)
... over the past two years i have had pretty persistent acne on my face. ... (4 replies)
Accutane Journal
Dec 15, 2004
... bout something else and I thought he was still talking about depression. Anyway thanks for the support I am pretty scared. I hope everything goes well. I talked to a Doctors assistant and he really gave me some words of assurance about how I can't listen to all I read on here and on the net. ... (672 replies)
... I dont see how its worth trying the 3rd when Ive already had a couple bad breakouts and its not getting any better. Ortho Tri Lo doesnt even say it helps with Acne anyway. Not to mention Ive read on here a TON that it has also made others worse. ... (8 replies)
... everything I could think of. I'm currently 26 and have been fighting with acne for around 12 years. ... (4 replies)
... Thank you for the reply. At times my acne is mild and other times, I would consider it borderline severe. But reguardless, the oil is always the same, it is outrageous. ... (15 replies)
... It's definately the diet that's taking care of your hormones! I was dx over 2 years ago as either PCOS or Insulin Resistant, even though IR is the Precursor to PCOS, among other hormonal and metabolic disorders. ... (31 replies)

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