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... hello. just wanted to share "my story" with diet. i appreciate any feedback and words of encouragement. ... (21 replies)
3 months of hell
Dec 10, 2003
... A for my very very very mild acne, i dunno if its working or not has cleared my spots up yeah..but its very from now on im only going to use it over night..but il continue taking my anti biotics, to prevent dryness try eating something with some grease in it itl oil ur skin up a lil.. ... (27 replies)
... I totally agree with you. I feel really badly for anyone who has bad acne. I feel like i've been pushing my family away because I can't bear them seeing how ugly my face is and have them make comments that are going to make me even more sad. Yes, i've been to a dermatologist and an acne clinic. ... (12 replies)

... Hello! I'm here to get some feedback on a regimen I've been trying for awhile. It includes a number of things that a nutritionist provided me with. Along with some of my own ideas. ... (11 replies)
Dec 15, 2005
... I understand how you feel... ... (17 replies)
... I'm going to be very honest with you and say, not that I know of. ... (15 replies)
... Growing up I barely had any acne... But as 17 18 came around... I started to break out more and more.. I tried PRO ACTIVE.. MURAD..etc etc And it worked at first.. But after awhile to no evail!... So... Going to the DERM. ... (3 replies)
... I am so sorry for taking so long to reply to everyone who wants to know how Acnease, and Diane 35 work. ... (12 replies)
... just some pesky flare ups and a few cysts. I don't have time to list every product ever tried, or give detailed advice, or answer tons of questions, but I wanted to post this to encourage everyone to keep trying, and not to give up. ... (0 replies)
... in the true meaning of a 'disease' is not, as it is the after condition of many other things that could be creating it to appear. Yes you are right it is classified in skin disease, but 'curable' in most areas once the underlying reason is found... ... (60 replies)
... What I found the most interesting about this thread is how some keep talking about guilt. Do you honestly feel guilty about eating something because you are unsure or afraid of the consequences? ... (20 replies)
... Hey all B5 users. I'm trying to get info on this supplement and I have read all the other posts but I still need some clarification on a few points. ... (4 replies)
... but i continued to get cystic acne. i brought this up to my dermatologist and she said it won't help with cystic and gave me clindamycin to help with that. ... (0 replies)
Adult cystic acne?
Aug 13, 2010
... Hello everyone, I realize this topic is old but I wanted to bring it back to life because from what I've read, I am almost in the exact same predicament that most of these guys are. ... (2 replies)
... I've had oily skin, breakouts, all different types of acne, just blam on my face. I was on Trinessa for it, but it didn't do anything. I get the facials every once in awhile, I take Aloeride, I try to be healthy. Nothing was working, I was even considering Accutane. ... (6 replies)
... working and living in a hotel room every week... poor diet schedule with working on construction... ... (7 replies)
... it took me about 2 to 3 weeks and my oily skin turned perfect after 27 years of putting up with this crap!if you notice a decrease interest in sex then its working.IT WILL WORK........ ... (4 replies)
... pjlc, skimom, clark and progressmaker. I hope Jhart and me can give you guys a good representation on how effective our Clearlite units are. ... (188 replies)
3 months of hell
Dec 10, 2003
... if your skin is sensative i would go with something orally.i think a microdermabrasion or chemicals peels are a no go if you have a lot of active acne plus you might have more scarring after your scrubbing job heals up. ... (27 replies)
... rms I dont have zits but there are just alot of small red marks. Then my face and chest and back...auch...My face over the summer cleared up alot and then i went to this camp to help disabled kids, after sooo much stress and bad sanitary conditions there my face literary exploded. ... (0 replies)

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