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... after i shower i always apply purpose or cetaphil to stop the dryness cause my face is really stiff because im on accutane. However whiteheads always seem to appear to pop up throughout the day and i dont like going out in public with them. Any one have a good way to get rid or them or make them disappear? ... (0 replies)
... Well, I was on amoxicillian for quite a few years. About 6 months ago I got completely fed up with the side effects and what it was doing to my body, so I decided to stop taking it one day and see what happened. I didn't wean myself off of it, just stopped completely. ... (5 replies)
To CuTiEXoXo!
Sep 21, 2002
... well im not so sure how to answer that question. Its really weird because somedays it will be really red and others it will be fine. ... (2 replies)

... Hello! I just wanted to share what helped me pretty much get clear skin after suffering breakouts all through my teens and into my early twenties. ... (2 replies)
... and the best advice I got was not to overdo it. ... (7 replies)
Stop Picking
Sep 16, 2013
... Okay so I have always been so tempted to pick at my pimples and it is the main reason why my skin looks the way it does. ... (5 replies)
Stop Picking
Sep 17, 2013
... try not to mess with a spot that isn't "ready" , if you do, it will make it worse. ... (5 replies)
Skin Picking
Aug 15, 2004
... whiteheads.. and now i have lots of scars...i've read that there is a compulsive skin picking disorder...anyone have any advice on how to stop? ... (1 replies)
... every week. I did well on spiro. Unfortunately had to stop takin it cause hubby and I are trying for a baby... ... (9 replies)
To laur
Jun 11, 2003
... last night was horrible and today is too. I got in a horrific fight with my parents about me being so upset. I just don't know what else to do because my face is not clearing on the tazorac and it has been 8 weeks and nothing has surfaced as far as all those deep whiteheads and blackheads go. ... (8 replies)
... Also if I decrease the dose it make my skin a little oily again and new spots forms due to this. My main problem area is my cheeks and jaw line, and an occasional small spot on my forehead. ... (7 replies)
... People people...why do you think you need this crap to cure your acne. You didn't need it before, so why would your face need all these chemicals now? ... (18 replies)
[email protected]
Feb 13, 2001
... My skin is definitely worse than before I started. I started on 5g per day, and when I continued to break out I tried upping the dosage to 7.5g. A day later my face was worse than ever with several new whiteheads formed. ... (0 replies)
... or HOW WELL you clear. ... (24 replies)
Skin Picking
Nov 18, 2003
... I know how you feel. ... (15 replies)
... Im sure your whiteheads become "inflamed" because people tell you not to squeeze your spots and let them develop naturally. Well in my opinion I cannot do this. ... (37 replies)
?? WHAT 2 DO??
Nov 13, 2001
... most people have them on there nose..Me i hardley have any at all but as far whiteheads thats a different story i have plenty of those..Whiteheads u cant see unless u get really close and they r just clogged pores basically that are white. ... (4 replies)
... i went to a new dermo yesterday in hopes of a new doctor finally helping me instead of just prescribing new topical medicines and saying come back in 4 weeks. ... (7 replies)
... Okay a little about me first. Ive had acne for 4 years, since i was 18. I believe my acne to be started by a testosterone deficientcy, and prolonged because of me. ... (45 replies)
... Ive had one, i didn't notice anything. Microderm doesn't get rid of acne, it helps shed skin to clear pores. It will remove layers, and may bring out stuff that it below your skin. ... (5 replies)

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