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... n't have DHT without Testosterone, and this is something you can reduce overall through diet. Along with this, you will also decrease your estrogen because some testosterone is naturally converted into estrogen. ... (3 replies)
... and High Free Testosterone levels, you could say I was Hyperandrogenic. ... (100 replies)
... If you inhibit aromatase you prevent your Excess Testosterone from converting into Estrogen. ... (23 replies)

... This must be converted from Testosterone and requires a Type I or Type II enzyme to do this. ... (81 replies)
... increases testosterone conversion into estrogen, which means less that will convert to DHT! How? ... (23 replies)
... There's another possibilty, where there's a defect in aromatase production. Aromatase is what converts Testosterone into Estrogen. This is the natural process for things, so we all make Testosterone before we produce estrogen. ... (10 replies)
... be treated for more of them, but there's a fear of chemical castration and feeling less masculine... If you are still going through puberty, you don't want your testosterone levels messed with, but if you are past that point, it's worth a shot. It really depends on what imbalance they find, some you'd want corrected ASAP! ... (5 replies)
... Androgen which means it's going to block the activity of androgens. It does this by blocking Testosterone and DHT from binding to the Androgen Receptors. ... (9 replies)
... Janet, such a lucky woman you are. It's unfortunate that these doctors and derms don't always take the extra step, thankfully your facialist did ;-) I've certainly got the hair in all those places and Spiro helped to thin it out. If you are doing all that work, which I don't do, and were taking Spiro or similar anti-androgen drug, eventually a % of those hairs won't grow back.... (80 replies)
... or proper dietary changes will reduce your overall Free Testosterone levels, which means less testosterone that will be converted into DHT. Thus, there's less DHT conversion that needs to be prevented by Avodart, Spiro, etc. ... (23 replies)
... decrease of Free Testosterone and never improved beyond that so I added in the Spiro. ... (19 replies)
... hat just happens to be an analoge of androgen. It's goal is to block aldosterone receptors, but it also ends up blocking androgen receptors as well and prevents testosterone from converting into DHT! ... (7 replies)
... can tell them to kiss your assets and just go to an Endocrionologist or another doctor instead. Hirsutism can be Idiopathic or Hormonal...although both are hormonal ;-) Idiopathic Hirsutism = when you have normal hormone levels but increases Follicular Sensitivity and usually increased DHT production in the hair follicles. Androgenic Hirsutism = which is... (15 replies)
... There's a few others that are extremes of Hypothyroidism, but basically it can decrease your body's ability for binding Free Testosterone and increase your Inflammatory products, thus acne. ... (8 replies)
What is spiro?
Nov 26, 2004
... Ahh, yes Spiro is a good drug for acne. It's been an aldosterone inhibitor for over 20 or 30 years now, and it has been used to treat acne almost as long. This is so because the nature of it's structure happens to be similar to androgens and so it can block the androgen receptor (rendering it inactive), but it generally won't reduce your testosterone production (it's still... (2 replies)
... Like I mentioned in the other thread Vegetarians and even Vegans can still have acne and sometimes people that NEVER had acne decide to go vegetarian and then they get acne! Reasons: They start consuming TONS of soy (soy can alter your ability to produce thyroid hormone, which lowers your SHBG, which means you have more Free Testosterone!) They are still consuming too... (18 replies)
... Zrebb, are you a male or female? Although I'm guessing you are probably a female since I've never heard about males getting acne from decreased Testosterone levels ;-) Have you gone on hormonal therapy yet? If so are you on natural HRT or synthetic HRT (prescription)? If you haven't already looked into, you may want to read John Lees Books on Menopause (before and after)... (22 replies)
... In your post you asked "If treatments that block the conversion of testosterone to DHT help stop acne, can you think of a reason proscar or other like drugs that do that, are not used for acne? ... (24 replies)

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