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... I have this ONE annying cyst on my nose that just won't pop.I've had it on my nose many times b4, but I'm usually able to pop it and let the white stuf out so it can heal. And it doesn heal over a period of time. ... (4 replies)
... pimple or whatever you call it on top of my nose. Never had it before. It hurts so bad that I can't even sleep. I have to take Advil just get some relief for a few hours. What should I do? ... (4 replies)
... Spots on the nose area are the most annoying in my experience as no matter which way you look at yourself in the mirror it,s still there. ... (5 replies)

... But....... now, everytime I get a pimple, all I do is put a little handsoap on it, and leave the soap on the pimple for an hour, and then wipe it off. After a couple of days of doing this, the pimple ALWAYS goes away. ... (5 replies)
... Hey all, I know you guys can help me with this one. I have a huge pimple on my nose, I think it might be a cyst, it developed about 4 weeks ago and is still the same, I have been putting BP products on it and nothing seemed to work and about a week ago, I did the unthinkable and I popped it, only it still didin't seem to be getting anybetter and it left a scab so today I... (5 replies)
... I have a huge mark left from a painful cyst on my nose. I know it'll take a month or so for it to completely disappear. In the meanwhile does anyone know how I can cover it up? ... (0 replies)
May 7, 2004
... he more I though about it I convinced myself that maybe he was right. I stopped taking the spiro for 2 weeks. My face erupted. I have 7 medim to large pimples on my forehead, several on my nose, several on the side of my face and worst of all, I now have a huge cyst on the side of my nose close to my eye. ... (4 replies)
... No bandaid, just a huge glob before bed or around the house. ... (5 replies)
... I had a black head on my nose for about...a year..then one day it just turned into a huge cyst on my nose... ... (4 replies)
... Camellia oil. Bad mistake. I broke out in huge cyst on my forehead and smaller ones around my nose and chin. ... (9 replies)
... I've been on Differin for 8 weeks... ... (2 replies)
... break out all over again. Like I said above I havn't totally gived in for 9 moths now. The only thin I did was eat too much bread the other day and now I have a huge cyst on my nose, but thankfully it's only one. ... (43 replies)
... of Diane 35 and would have to say that I was very happy with the results, no more cystic acne almost at the start of Diane, but must admit this last week have 3 huge cyst on my face now two on my cheek and one on my chin. One on my cheek near my nose is gigantic with no signs of going away!! ... (11 replies)
... old cyst on my chin. I know, 2 zits is nothing to complain about, but I feel so close to perfect skin it's annoying. ... (12 replies)
... Thanks to everyone for the help. I got the injection and it seemed to have worked. Also I have no sign of an indent from it. Hopefully the cyst stays away. I recommend this injection to anyone with a nasty reacurring cyst. Thanks again!! ... (9 replies)
... My face is the exact same, my left side is clearing real good, even the scares are fading. But on my right side i have like 5 red buggers. ... (8 replies)
... Yeah me too. I had huge cyst form on my forehead...about six of them...HUGE. They are just now clearing but it was a mess. ... (3 replies)
My TCA Peel Diary
Nov 26, 2002
... This morning I still had some skin on my cheeks that had rolled backward away from my mouth and nose area since last night and some skin around my hairline. ... (81 replies)
... to hopefully clear up some of the old red marks. I've also been testing aloe vera on my back to control oil along with BP, although I hate the fear of the BP bleaching our towels yet again! ... (7 replies)
... I have an awful, big, red cyst between my nose and my upper lip, but to the left a bit. Sorta where your 'laugh line' is.'s huge and painful, and of course, we have a family portrait in 2 days!!! I need a quick way to shrink this sucker! ... (4 replies)

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