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... I know this message is months after your last post. I have a similar problem of irritating my face when i get pimples and such. ... (9 replies)
... Or does anyone have any advice on how to get my face back to normal? ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I have a few large pimples aroung my chin which are isolated which is good. Would hydrocortisone be any good in making them smaller and less redder? ... (6 replies)

... I wouldn't use Hydrocortisone on your face if you suffer from acne, as it can help bacteria spread, it's ok to use on idividual spots or dry patches for up to 7 day's but no longer as it can thin the skin. ... (5 replies)
... are your cysts small and on your face? what kind of hydrocortisone? over the counter ok? (2 replies)
... I think usually there is only a problem with discoloration if you use it for a longer amount of time. ... (5 replies)
May 5, 2003
... Does anybody know is Hydrocortisone will work good for the face? ... (4 replies)
... Has anyone used hydrocortisone on cysts or zits. For me it works pretty good, it's been bring them to a head faster than usual, I put some on in the morning when I wash my face and in the night before I go to bed. ... (4 replies)
... Also, I put these in order of price range, but it doesn't neccessarily mean you get more for your money... ... (9 replies)
... I've had this rash for about 4 years only on the right side of my face.. ... (1 replies)
... I'm not sure about the shot but I used to work in a pharmacy and the pharmacist used to warn people against using hydrocortisone cream on the face because it thins out the skin after prolonged use. ... (6 replies)
Retin a-micro
Feb 10, 2003
... Don't use hydrocortisone for long term treatment. It thins your skin. Which can lead to problems later. It suppresses your immune response in the skin. ... (2 replies)
... excluding Accutane. If you are a female I would highly recommend spironolactone, I started about a month and a half ago for cystic back, neck, and chest acne and now I am completely clear. ... (16 replies)
... I've heard that you shouldn't use Hydrocortisone on your face for prolonged periods. Anybody else know about this? ... (6 replies)
... t have horrible acne, in fact I have but one pimple on my face right now, but you can't notice it because of the blotchyness of my face. I have darker patches and dots of skin all over my cheeks that make me look pretty bad. ... (9 replies)
... c a lot of oil free lotions can sting and dry you out even more. i need lotions for sensitive skin for daily use, but if i am seriously tight and dry those do zip, so i have to resort to aquaphor. hope that helps. ... (5 replies)
... a friend who gets very very bad systic acne and she'd have to get a shot directly into the swollen area with cortisone and than the swelling would go down... As for me and my little sister, we've both tried Hydrocortisone cream on our faces and it works so well. ... (6 replies)
... I am thinking of asking hime to get an intralesional in a cyst I have on my neck, I have had this cyst for over a month and see no improvements. There are a number of websites about the cortizone injections you can look it up, they do not hurt at all. ... (1 replies)
... I even got cortisone shots for pig whiteheads on my face a few months ago... this appeared less effective. ... (3 replies)
... Hey over the past two week's ive had a similar problem and instead of my normal routine of squeezing the hell out of the bitches and messing with them constantly i have done the following. Applied a warm compress for around 20 mins followed by a dab of hydrocortisone cream and then i have applied a clay mask just to the spot( inflamed area) and gone to bed with it on and it... (7 replies)

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