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... I've found more home remedies if you guys want to check it out:*********.php?t=320 "Ingredients: Aspirin (uncoated) Aspirin contains salicylic acid, used in many d prescription acne treatments Apple Cider Vinegar (10 replies)
Is it acne?
Sep 29, 2007
... with taking an antihistimine and using some hydrocortizone on the affected area. ... (1 replies)
Acne cured?
Dec 30, 2003
... I usually very skeptical when I see people post cures for acne but, I have to say that I have found a way to control it for myself. Brief history, I've had an acne problem ever since I was 15 and I am 33 now. I have tried EVERYTHING. ... (5 replies)

... You may be having an allergic reaction to some products you are using. Use an anti-itch cream - 1% hydrocortizone cream, available at drugstores. (1 replies)
... Wow thank you I am almost sure that this is what I have on my chest and a little on my back. I have been treating it temporarily with Aveeno hydrocortizone cream and so far there have been no new red marks and the itching is subsiding. ... (4 replies)
... been using B5 for over a year now. About three months ago I went down to 500mg a day just to see what would happen. Naturally my oil production went up and my acne did come back. And so i went back to taking 4 grams a day. I'm clear now. ... (67 replies)
... their AHA lotion abpout a month ago. I use BP on regular zits and I've tried placing hydrocortizone on the cysts. Then I take some advil to cut down the swelling. ... (11 replies)
... their AHA lotion. I use BP on white heads and I've tried placing hydrocortizone on the cysts. Then I take some advil to cut down the swelling. ... (11 replies)
... ase, I wouldn't do it. It dries my face out quite a bit. And there's always a chance that it won't interact well with your other medication. You might try the hydrocortizone though. It worked fairly well when I used it. I just took a small amount and rubbed it into the red spot. ... (6 replies)
... I also like to put Hydrocortizone and a bandaide on brand new zits for 2 nights. ... (4 replies)
Over the Counter
Mar 22, 2001
... know what you mean Jeff... I was at Safeway the other day looking for some hydrocortizone for some weird itchy bumps on my skin anyways, on my way I saw all the acne meds and stopped to look bu then I noticed everyone around and I was like OMG, I gotta move... ... (6 replies)
... on the spot acne pads? ... (5 replies)
... but hydrocortizone and moisturiser usually gets rid of that. ... (0 replies)
... weeks. If you cant get a cortizone shot, try the hydrocortizone ointment from any drugstore. ... (17 replies)
... equate my problem to shaving though and have switched to using the aveeno thera shave gel that has seemingly gotten pretty good reviews from no here...i also put hydrocortizone on any inflamed or red areas about twice throughout the day and it seems to calm redness.. ... (7 replies)
... wrap a paper towel over an ice cube and lightly ice it. then after the coolness has gone, use a very small amount of hydrocortizone cream. then leave it alone. don't put anything else on it. ... (11 replies)
... I'm not sure why you ask this in the Acne group but I have used both of these products. ... (1 replies)
... Maybe this brand has some other ingredients in their formulation. Hydrocortizone is used on poison ivy and other rashes that ooze, so I'm surprised at this. ... (6 replies)
... Right now its pretty good, my whole face is clear except one nasty cyst right in the middle of my cheek, I pop advils and Mino pills and apply hydrocortizone cream and it keeps it at a small size but I can feel under my skin. It barely leaves a mark, but its visible. ... (3 replies)
... I don't recommend this for long-term treatment, but if you need to get rid of redness and swelling overnight, try hydrocortizone cream, like the kind you have around for itching/rashes. It can clog your pores, but if you're not generally plagued with acne, it's a good spot treatment for just redness and swelling. (5 replies)

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